The Largest Cupra electric SUV has been officially confirmed for release in Australia

VW-Owned Brand Cupra Set to Release Large Electric SUV in Australia

The global boss of VW-owned Spanish brand Cupra has confirmed that the company’s US-focused “large” electric SUV will be sold in Australia. This move marks a significant step for the brand as it expands its reach into new markets.

Cupra’s flagship electric SUV is expected to hit Australian showrooms later this decade. The vehicle has been designed for the US market, where it will lead the launch of the Spanish brand in 2030, alongside the next generation electric vehicle, Formentor. Although production is still about five years away, the as-yet-unnamed SUV will be built in North America in both left- and right-hand drive, which paves the way for Cupra’s flagship model to reach Australia.

According to Cupra global CEO Wayne Griffiths, the new vehicle will be built with the steering wheel on both sides, confirming its availability for both left- and right-hand drive markets. The upcoming large SUV is expected to utilize VW Group’s next-generation SSP electric car platform and will not feature seven seats.

Griffiths emphasized that the focus of Cupra is not on selling family cars with seven seats. Instead, the brand is aiming to deliver a sporty, fun-to-drive experience with the new large SUV. Despite fitting into the ‘large SUV’ category, the vehicle will remain true to Cupra’s legacy of producing sporty, crossover vehicles.

Griffiths mentioned that the new vehicle will be a crossover, with a more sports-oriented design in line with Cupra’s brand ethos. The CEO also confirmed that the Spanish brand will enter the US market by the end of the decade with two electric models: the next-generation small and mid-size Formentor SUV and a larger electric crossover SUV to be produced in North America.

The move to expand into the US market reflects Cupra’s commitment to global growth and sustainability. By building locally in North America, Cupra aims to ensure the viability and success of its business operations in the region. Griffiths stressed the importance of global volume and manufacturing in North America to meet the demands of the US market.

Overall, Cupra’s decision to bring its flagship electric SUV to Australia represents a significant milestone for the brand. As it continues to expand its lineup of electric vehicles and enter new markets, Cupra is poised to make a mark in the rapidly evolving automotive industry. Stay tuned for more updates on Cupra’s exciting developments in the electric vehicle space.