The Last of the Lightning Connectors: When Will the Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse be Renewed?

Yesterday, it was confirmed that the next Apple event will take place on September 12, where the highly anticipated iPhone 15 will be unveiled, along with its USB-C port. This marks the beginning of the end for the Lightning port, as the European Union has mandated a transition to USB-C.

With this announcement, we can expect a wave of changes in all Apple accessories that currently use the Lightning port. Among these accessories, the Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard are particularly in need of an update.

Both the Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse originally relied on batteries for power. The Magic Keyboard required three AA batteries, while the Magic Mouse only needed two. Apple even sold its own rechargeable batteries, but customers have long been asking for models with rechargeable batteries via a cable.

Eventually, Apple introduced the Lightning cable for charging, but it came with the peculiar feature of having to charge the Magic Mouse face up. Now that all Macs come with USB-C connections, it has become imperative to transition to a universal USB-C cable that can charge the iPhone, Magic Keyboard, and Magic Mouse.

Will this switch to USB-C be announced during the upcoming event on September 12? While it is not impossible, it would be unlikely. September events typically focus on iPhones and Apple Watches, with only a few accessories like AirPods being mentioned.

A more Mac-focused event, which may take place at the end of October or in November, would be a more suitable platform for the introduction of the updated Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse. In the past, Apple has often announced updates to the iMac alongside accessory upgrades, and rumors suggest that a new iMac with the M3 chip is on the horizon.

Considering all the information, it is highly likely that we will see a USB-C Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse within the autumn months, possibly before 2024. It is plausible that they would be unveiled alongside the new iMac.

In conclusion, the transition from Lightning to USB-C is imminent for Apple accessories, and the Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse are expected to join this shift. Stay tuned for more updates on these highly anticipated upgrades.

Images: Jay Wennington, james mckinven.