The liberal government is escalating its attacks on small farmers and homesteaders, sparking a war on food in the U.S. The onslaught is being carried out through stringent land-use regulations, geoengineering tactics, and a barrage of propaganda.


“Oregon Farmers Fight Back Against State Regulations Threatening Small Farms and Homesteaders”


In the state of Oregon, small farmers and homesteaders are facing a dire situation as government regulations threaten to shut down family farms under the guise of water conservation and groundwater protection. This article will delve into the challenges faced by these farmers and explore the broader implications of the war on food spreading across the United States.


The World Economic Forum’s ominous slogan, “You will own nothing and learn to like it,” sets the stage for the ongoing battle against small farmers in Oregon. These farmers are under attack, with the state targeting them for closure by erroneously classifying them as “concentrated animal feeding operations” (CAFOs).

Yanasa Ama Ranch owner shed light on the situation in a 20-minute video, revealing how small family farms and homesteads are being shut down based on arbitrary classifications. Even farms with just a few milking cows are now in the crosshairs of the state’s regulators.

The state of Oregon’s crackdown on small farms and market gardens is orchestrated through cease-and-desist letters sent out using satellite technology to identify targets. This alarming trend indicates a broader push towards the depopulation of rural areas and the consolidation of farming activities in the hands of larger corporations.

Furthermore, the globalists are waging a multifaceted war on food, encompassing not only regulatory restrictions but also propaganda campaigns targeting homesteaders and small farmers. Media Matters, funded by influential figures like George Soros, recently released a hit-piece article demonizing homesteaders as “white nationalist” and “anti-government” for seeking self-sufficiency in food production.

Amidst these challenges, there are pockets of resistance. The Tennessee state Senate passed a bill banning atmospheric spraying within its borders for geoengineering purposes, signaling a pushback against harmful practices that threaten food security and environmental health.

As the globalist agenda escalates, it becomes clear that the ultimate goal is to force small farmers and homesteaders out of business and into urban areas where surveillance and control are more manageable. To combat this trend, it is essential to support local farmers and resist efforts to undermine food sovereignty.


The plight of small farmers in Oregon sheds light on the pervasive threat to food security and agricultural independence posed by government regulations and corporate interests. By raising awareness and supporting local farmers, individuals can resist the globalist agenda and preserve the vital role of small-scale agriculture in ensuring a sustainable future.