The Passing of Actress Helena Rojo

In a heartfelt message, the National Association of Actors of Mexico mourned the passing of the prominent actress and member, Helena Rojo.

With a career that spanned theater, film, and television, Helena Rojo left an indelible mark on the Mexican entertainment industry.

Her departure leaves a significant void, as her notable contributions over the years are remembered.

The actress, known for her elegance and innate talent, captured the hearts of the public with her participation in iconic telenovelas such as “El privilegio de amar” and “Abrázame muy fuerte.”

Her masterful performances and captivating presence on screen made her a beloved and respected figure.

The news of her passing has deeply moved the artistic community and her followers, who are expressing their sorrow on social media.

Numerous colleagues, friends, and admirers have paid tribute to the legendary Helena Rojo, highlighting her lasting impact on Mexico’s cultural scene.

The association also expressed its deepest condolences to Helena Rojo’s family and friends during this difficult time, noting that her legacy will endure in the memories of those who admired her talent and enjoyed her brilliant career at Televisa.

The loss of the beloved actress, Helena Rojo, leaves an irreplaceable void in the Mexican entertainment landscape.

Her work will endure as an eternal testament to her artistic ability and her contribution to enriching the cinematographic and television culture in Mexico.