The Premier League giant, Manchester United, is about to enter a new era with the addition of Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

The Premier League giant, Manchester United, is about to enter a new era with the addition of Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

In recent months, there were rumors that MU would be bought by Sheikh Jassim. He presented an enticing proposal to the Glazer family, but it was rejected, and in the end, the sheikh did not proceed with the United purchase.

However, there is good news for MU fans. One of the “sultans” in England, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, is ready to step into Old Trafford by acquiring 25 percent of the club’s shares from the Glazer family.

After acquiring these shares, Sir Jim Ratcliffe is rumored to take over the club’s operations from the Glazer family. This means he might have the authority to restructure the United squad.

If Sir Jim Ratcliffe eventually joins MU, who are the players at risk of leaving Old Trafford? Here’s the breakdown by Bolaneters.

Anthony Martial can be considered to have failed to meet Manchester United’s expectations. He is often rumored to be on his way out of United.

Furthermore, his performance has been inconsistent. He is among the players who could be let go by MU in the winter of 2024 or the summer of 2024.

But MU has two options. They can release him for free at the end of this season or activate the one-year contract extension option.

The second option would be better for MU because it means they can earn revenue from the sale of the French player.

Shining at Ajax Amsterdam, but unfortunately, his star has faded at Manchester United.

There was hope that he could shine again after Erik Ten Hag joined MU. Unfortunately, the Dutch player’s performance is still below expectations.

Moreover, it seems that Van de Beek is not in Ten Hag’s plans. MU itself doesn’t seem to have difficulty finding a new club for the 26-year-old player.

Previously, several clubs were linked to him, including Inter Milan and Villarreal.

Once touted as one of the deadly trios of Manchester United alongside Marcus Rashford, but his performance has been subpar.

Sancho has been unable to replicate his excellent performance with Dortmund at MU. Worse, he has had disputes with Erik Ten Hag.

Sancho has also refused to apologize to Ten Hag. Therefore, he is widely rumored to leave MU in January or the summer of 2024.

Sancho can be sold, and the money can be used to buy other players. However, there is still a chance that he may be retained if Ten Hag leaves Old Trafford first.

Manchester United once had high hopes for Mason Greenwood. He was considered to have the talent required to regularly play in MU’s attacking line.

However, Greenwood stumbled into legal trouble. The 22-year-old player was arrested but eventually released as all charges against him were dropped.

MU tried to reintegrate him into the team, but Red Devils’ fans had already rejected him at Old Trafford. Currently, he has been loaned to Getafe in La Liga.

If MU fans continue to reject him, then Sir Jim Ratcliffe will have no choice but to let him go. On the other hand, Greenwood is reportedly content playing in Spain and reluctant to return to Manchester.

A player who often trends on social media when Manchester United plays and then loses. Harry Maguire has been under scrutiny for making mistakes in MU’s defensive line.

As a result, Maguire has been relegated to the bench and is no longer the captain of MU. He is also not in Erik Ten Hag’s plans.

Maguire wants to stay, but he has also indicated that he is ready to leave MU if he doesn’t get regular playing time.

MU is likely to sell him soon, especially with reports that he is ready to be picked up by West Ham and AC Milan. The money can be used to buy younger players who better fit Ten Hag’s plans.

There were high hopes for Casemiro after his £70 million acquisition from Real Madrid in 2022. He was expected to help rejuvenate Manchester United.

Casemiro is currently Erik Ten Hag’s second-choice player. Initially, he wanted Frenkie de Jong.

Casemiro initially appeared to be a successful purchase as he performed brilliantly in his first season. However, his performance has declined this season.

If he doesn’t improve his performance, there is a chance that MU could sell him to raise funds for buying younger players, especially if he doesn’t fit the player recruitment strategy designed by Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

It’s claimed that he once said MU was not wise in their player recruitment strategy and used Casemiro as an example. This was said to have been revealed by Sir Jim Ratcliffe during a meeting with United officials in March 2023.