The silence is broken by Ricochet following a significant announcement.

WWE Superstar Ricochet breaks silence after being left off the list of top 10 wrestlers of 2023

In a shocking turn of events, WWE Superstar Ricochet, also known as the One and Only, has broken his silence following the announcement that he was not included in the list of the top 10 wrestlers of 2023 by Sports Illustrated. Ricochet, who has been known for his high-flying antics and in-ring skills, has faced a downturn in his career ever since losing the Intercontinental Championship to Gunther over a year ago.

Despite being involved in some important storylines, Ricochet has struggled to find himself in matches with the company’s top stars, and his most notable feud of the year was against Shinsuke Nakamura. His absence from the list of the top 10 wrestlers of 2023 has sparked a strong reaction from the former NXT star, who took to social media to promise that he would feature on the list in 2024, stating, “One way or another, in making this list in 24′.”

Former WWE writer Vince Russo feels that a character change may be in order for Ricochet, suggesting that he should change his name to his real name, Trevor Mann, and wear a suit. Russo’s comments have sparked a debate among fans and wrestling experts, with many wondering if a character change could help rejuvenate Ricochet’s career.

The former Intercontinental Champion’s downfall has taken many by surprise, as he had a promising start to his career. Ricochet, known for his athleticism and agility, has been a fan favorite since his debut in WWE, but his recent struggles have raised questions about his future in the company. It remains to be seen what Ricochet will do to become one of the top guys on the roster and whether a potential character change could be in the cards for him.

The absence of Ricochet from the list of the top 10 wrestlers of 2023 has ignited a conversation about the criteria used to determine the top performers in the industry. Many fans and wrestling pundits have expressed their surprise and disappointment at Ricochet’s exclusion, while others have raised questions about the fairness and objectivity of such lists.

Amidst the controversy surrounding his absence from the list, Ricochet’s future in WWE has become a topic of speculation, with many wondering what steps he will take to reclaim his status as one of the company’s top stars. As the wrestling world grapples with the fallout from the announcement, the debate over Ricochet’s future and potential character change continues to dominate the conversation.

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