The Simpsons and the Baltimore Bridge: Did They Predict the Collapse?

The collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore, United States on Tuesday, March 25th marked a concerning milestone. The iconic bridge came crashing down due to a ship impacting one of its pillars, resulting in several fatalities, mostly Hispanic individuals.

This tragic event has led many to reflect on the eerie similarities with a scene from The Simpsons, fueling theories of prediction. However, before delving further into this topic, we invite you to listen to the new podcast “Tu Mundo Hoy” by clicking on the image below.

The Simpsons, a globally renowned series, has captivated audiences with its clever storytelling and has often been noted for supposedly predicting future events. From Donald Trump’s presidency to Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox and even the onset of COVID-19, the show has sparked intense debates about its alleged predictions.

One such supposed prediction relates to the collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge. While some users have tried to link a scene from the show to the Baltimore bridge collapse, others have clarified that the bridge featured in The Simpsons episode is the Forth Bridge in Scotland, not the Francis Scott Key bridge.

Despite attempts to draw parallels between the show and the real-world tragedy, it has been shown that these assumptions lack solid foundations. Another alleged video of Kent Brockman reporting on the Baltimore bridge collapse has circulated online but has not been verified as authentic. Additionally, a manipulated video created by Artificial Intelligence has been debunked, as it does not appear in any actual episode of The Simpsons.

The phenomenon of seeking parallels between real-life events and moments depicted in The Simpsons is a common practice, fueled by the enduring popularity of the show and the often satirical nature of its storylines. While the show has been uncanny in predicting certain events, it’s essential to differentiate between coincidence and deliberate foresight in these situations.