The Southern Border is Conclusively Dominated by the Mexican Cartel, States Texas Republican Mayra Flores | The Gateway Pundit.

Title: Former Texas GOP Rep Sounds Alarm over Mexican Cartel’s Control of Southern Border

In a recent interview with conservative news outlet Townhall, former Texas GOP Representative Mayra Flores expressed deep concerns about the Biden administration’s approach to border security. Flores, who is running to reclaim her seat from Texas’ 34th congressional district in 2024, highlighted the alarming situation at the southern border, stating that the Mexican cartel now has full control. These claims have raised further questions about national security risks and the need for proper border enforcement. Flores’ views on the potential dangers of an open border should concern all Americans.

The Mexican Cartel’s Control of the Southern Border:
Flores emphasized that the Mexican cartel’s influence and dominance over the southern border have reached unprecedented levels. According to the Townhall interview, Flores stated, “The Mexican cartel is in full control of the southern border,” while highlighting the daily challenges faced by those living near the border. She argued that the lack of border security under the Biden administration has created the best opportunity for potential terrorists to enter the country due to the refusal to enforce existing laws.

The Dangers for National Security:
Flores expressed her concerns over the dangers posed by an open border, mentioning the risk it poses to national security. She specifically drew attention to the current administration’s lax enforcement of immigration laws, asserting that it has made the United States less safe than it was during the time of the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001. This statement showcases the severity of the situation and emphasizes the urgent need for stronger border security measures.

The Biden Administration’s Mishandling of the Border Crisis:
The interview highlighted how the Biden administration’s mishandling of the border crisis has exacerbated the problem. Flores criticized the lack of deportations and enforcement, claiming that until the administration begins to enforce the law and increase deportations, the crisis will continue unabated. She stressed that failing to send people back encourages more individuals to attempt to cross the border illegally.

Flores’ Active Role in Border Cleanup Efforts:
In addition to voicing her concerns, Flores has actively participated in cleanup efforts at the border. A tweet shared by Flores demonstrated her involvement in the cleanup activities, highlighting the devastating effects of the humanitarian crisis on the environment and both sides of the border. This public service initiative signals her commitment to addressing the multifaceted issues resulting from the overwhelmed southern border.

Former Texas GOP Representative Mayra Flores’ claims regarding the Mexican cartel’s control of the southern border raise serious national security concerns. Her statements underscore the urgent need for the Biden administration to prioritize stronger border security and enforce immigration laws. As a congressional candidate for the 34th district in Texas, Flores brings firsthand experience and insight into the challenges faced by border communities. Her active involvement in border cleanup initiatives further demonstrates her commitment to addressing the implications of the ongoing crisis. The American public should take note of Flores’ warnings and push for comprehensive solutions to safeguard national security and protect border communities.