The stocks of companies in Kentucky and Tennessee are on the rise.

In January, the recent contact period for 2025 prospects from the states of Kentucky and Tennessee has resulted in significant offers for several players. These offers have the potential to shape the future of college football as these young athletes navigate their recruitment process.

Three-star cornerback Starr has experienced a surge in offers throughout the month. West Virginia, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Missouri, Georgia Tech, and Mississippi State are among the programs that have extended offers to him. His visit to Mississippi State during Jr. Day in January indicates a rising stock for him in the coming months.

Similarly, Mills-Knight has attracted attention from Utah, Florida, Virginia Tech, Michigan State, and Boston College, all of which offered him in January. His Jr. Day visits to Vanderbilt and Ole Miss signify a growing interest in these programs, especially considering his positive impressions of Ole Miss during a game visit in the previous season.

Another three-star prospect, Lawrence, has garnered interest from Tennessee, Indiana, Miami, Ole Miss, Wake Forest, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Despite his commitment to Vanderbilt, he has explored offers from other schools, venturing to West Virginia and Virginia Tech during Jr. Day trips in January. This demonstrates his willingness to consider his options before solidifying his collegiate career.

Mattingly, an athletic tight end, has recently received offers from Indiana and Georgia Tech, adding to his existing opportunities from West Virginia, Vanderbilt, and Duke. After an impressive junior season, his recruitment is gaining momentum as he continues to attract offers from prominent programs.

Taylor, a versatile two-way player, stands out as a prospect for outside linebacker and running back positions. With offers from Vanderbilt and other high-profile programs, his recent offer from Auburn has the potential to attract more attention from power five programs due to his skill set and potential on the field.

Finally, Campbell, a 6-foot-5, 260-pound prospect, has seen a significant increase in offers from power five programs since January. Programs such as Minnesota, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Purdue, Michigan State, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Louisville have extended their offers to him. His Jr. Day visits to Vanderbilt and Michigan State indicate a growing interest in these programs. Despite being currently unranked, Campbell’s impressive performance during his junior season has solidified him as a highly sought-after prospect in the eyes of college football programs.

As these 2025 prospects navigate their recruitment process, their offers and visits to various programs showcase the growing interest in their talents. With their potential to shape the future of college football, their decisions will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the landscape of the sport in the coming years.