The tank desperately flees from the relentless assault of attack drones, seeking to save its own life.

A T-80BVM Tank Survived Multiple First-Person View Drone Attacks in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has showcased the effectiveness of first-person view (FPV) drones, which have emerged as a significant threat to both sides of the conflict. These highly maneuverable loitering munitions dominate the battlefield, with numerous videos surfacing of FPV drones damaging or destroying tanks, trucks, and even individual soldiers. However, a recent video has highlighted the lucky escape of a T-80BVM tank, which managed to evade multiple explosive-laden FPV drones.

The video, posted on the Pristanishche VK Telegram channel, shows the tank rumbling through a highway while being subjected to sustained attacks from FPV drones. The crew of the tank displayed swift and strategic maneuvers to avoid being hit by the succession of explosive-laden FPV drones.

The ownership of the tank is a matter of contention, with various sources making conflicting claims. While Rob Lee, a senior researcher at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, and @OSINTua believe it to be a Russian tank, the Pristanishche VK Telegram channel claims it to be Ukrainian. The uncertainty regarding the tank’s origin adds another layer of complexity to the situation.

The tank, equipped with a protective cage and a smoke screen, can be seen navigating through the gauntlet of FPV drones in the video. The crew expertly dodges multiple attacks, making it evident that their survival was nothing short of a miracle. The video ends with the tank triumphantly escaping the immediate FPV gauntlet.

This incident underscores the challenges faced by both sides in the conflict. Despite the advantage Ukraine previously had in deploying FPV drones, Russia has now surged ahead, boasting up to seven times more FPV drones than their Ukrainian counterparts. Ukraine’s army commander, Yuriy Fedorenko, expressed concerns about this imbalance in an interview with the Suspilne public broadcaster on December 12. He revealed that in frontline priority sectors, the ratio of Ukrainian drones to enemy drones is alarmingly skewed.

The arms race between the two sides to build and deploy as many FPV attack drones as possible reflects the evolving nature of modern warfare. These systems are now rivaling traditional artillery in their impact on the battlefield, marking a significant shift in the dynamics of warfare.

As both sides continue to intensify their efforts, deploying low-end drones such as FPVs will be a pivotal factor in determining the outcome of future battles. The video serves as a clear and somewhat terrifying example of the direction in which the war is headed. It also aligns with the warnings issued by The War Zone over many years, highlighting the crucial role that low-end drones will play in conflicts.

The T-80BVM tank’s miraculous escape from multiple FPV drone attacks provides a glimpse into the escalating nature of warfare and the ever-evolving tactics employed by both sides in the Ukraine conflict. This incident underscores the urgent need for a comprehensive approach to addressing the increasing threat posed by FPV drones in modern warfare.

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