The top 5 anticipated matchups for the Texas Longhorns in their inaugural year in the SEC, featuring exciting games against Georgia, Florida, and other top teams.

Texas Longhorns to Make SEC Debut in 2024

After claiming their final Big 12 championship this season, the Texas Longhorns are set to begin their journey in the highly competitive Southeastern Conference (SEC) in 2024. This move comes alongside longtime rival Oklahoma, adding an element of excitement to the SEC as fans eagerly anticipate the series of intriguing matchups that the arrival of these two powerhouse programs will bring.

The SEC unveiled the full 2024 schedule on Wednesday evening, announcing kickoff dates for each team. The Longhorns’ schedule promises to make it a great first season for the program in the SEC, with several high-profile matchups to look forward to. Here’s a look at the top five matchups for the Texas Longhorns in the 2024 season.

1. Georgia
Georgia ended the 2023 season on a disappointing note following a loss to Alabama in the SEC championship game, which made it miss the chance to retain the national title. The Texas Longhorns could potentially face the Bulldogs next season as a national champion themselves if they triumph in the College Football Playoff. This promises to be one of the most exciting matchups in the 2024 season.

2. Michigan
Michigan has been unbeaten in the last two regular seasons, and Texas faces a difficult test of defeating the Wolverines in a nonconference matchup early next season. There’s a chance this game will be a rematch of the national championship game, as both the Longhorns and the Wolverines are looking to claim the national title in the CFP.

3. Oklahoma
Although Texas and Oklahoma are switching conferences, the two powerhouse programs’ rivalry will continue in the SEC. The matchup produced one of the best games this season and it’s safe to say that fans are eager to see more of that electrifying action in the SEC, boasting more exposure and media coverage this time.

4. Florida
Florida continues its journey towards a resurgence in college football after another disappointing season. The Gators ended 2023 with a 5-7 record. Nonetheless, they are expected to be one of the toughest matchups for Texas next season and will give the Longhorns a good taste of the SEC. This is another game that many already have their eyes on.

5. Texas A&M
Texas and Texas A&M had a long in-state rivalry before the Aggies’ exit from the Big 12 to the SEC in 2012. With the two finding themselves in the same conference once again, the rivalry is set to resume. There’ve been a total of 118 meetings between the two since the first meeting in 1894, with Texas leading the series with a 76-37-5 record.

These matchups are just a glimpse of the exciting season that awaits the Texas Longhorns as they make their debut in the SEC. With a mix of longstanding rivalries and challenging nonconference matchups, the 2024 season will undoubtedly be a thrilling one for both the Longhorns and their fans.

Sportskeeda will continue to provide updates on the Texas Longhorns’ journey in the SEC as the 2024 season approaches.

Edited by Joseph Schiefelbein.