The Top Apple TV+ Series Resume Production and Ensure Their Premiere Dates

The Hollywood writers strike had a significant impact on the entire entertainment industry, and even Apple TV+ was not immune to its effects. Two of its most popular series, “Silo” and “Foundation,” were in danger due to the strike. However, with the strike now over, the industry is returning to normal, and Apple TV+ is no exception.

Fortunately, there are at least three series currently filming new seasons, indicating that they will likely avoid being canceled. However, the production process is lengthy, so there are no guarantees of a quick return.

“Silo,” which premiered this year and quickly became one of the best Apple TV+ series, had to halt production in July due to the strike. However, with the strike now over, filming has resumed, bringing relief to fans of the show.

“Foundation,” another highly successful series, has also been officially renewed for a third season. While it is unknown if filming has begun, fans of the show can rest assured that they will likely get to see more of this beloved adaptation.

“Platonic,” a lesser-known series on Apple TV+, is also getting a second season, with filming underway. This heartwarming story about the reunion of two old friends in middle age is set to continue and delight audiences.

While there is good news for fans of these series, there are still doubts about the future of “Separation,” another acclaimed series with an open ending and many unanswered questions. As of now, there is no information about its filming, but fans are hopeful for news soon, especially during the holiday season.

Overall, the end of the Hollywood writers strike has brought relief to the entertainment industry, allowing series like “Silo,” “Foundation,” and “Platonic” to continue entertaining audiences. With new seasons and productions underway, it seems that Apple TV+ is back on track and ready to deliver more quality content to its viewers.