The tragic death of influencer ‘La Bellota’

Mexican Influencer “La Bellota” tragically passes away in a terrible accident

In a morning that should have been filled with laughter and fun, the social media community is in shock. This is due to the tragic death of popular Mexican influencer Michelle Lizárraga, affectionately known as “La Bellota”. The news of her passing has left her followers in a state of shock. The 25-year-old lost her life in a tragic accident that occurred in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

Preliminary reports indicate that the fateful incident took place in the San Francisquito community. La Bellota allegedly fell along with her black Jetta into an irrigation canal. The news was reported by the news portal Infobae, who revealed that the influencer was found drowned inside the vehicle. The gruesome discovery was made thanks to the quick action of construction workers.

These individuals noticed that the vehicle was submerged and overturned, with the wheels up. They immediately alerted local municipal police authorities, who, along with firefighters, mobilized to rescue the vehicle from the canal. Despite efforts to save her, emergency services confirmed that La Bellota had lost her life in the accident. The young woman’s body was transferred to the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) in Mazatlán, as revealed by Infobae.

In the Semefo, it was revealed that La Bellota had tattoos on both arms: a cross on the left and the number 666 on the right. La Bellota, whose name resonated on social media, was an influential content creator from Mazatlán. Her fame was built through the constant publication of videos in which she shared her party lifestyle and showcased her impressive figure with tight-fitting clothes. Her last post, dated Friday, September 8, showed the young woman enjoying a night out with her friends.

The news of La Bellota’s death has left her followers and the social media community shocked and saddened. Social media has been flooded with messages of condolences and tributes in memory of the young influencer. Michelle Lizárraga’s family has not yet issued an official statement regarding their tragic loss. However, it is expected that in the coming days, they will provide details about the funeral arrangements and farewells for the influencer.

This sad event serves as a reminder that life is fragile and tragedies can occur at any moment. Authorities continue to investigate the exact circumstances that led to this tragic accident, as revealed by Infobae. It is also expected that more details will come to light regarding what really happened on that fateful morning in Mazatlán, a day after the young woman went out partying. The details regarding where she was and how the events unfolded have not yet been revealed and it is expected that authorities will release more information.

Through the comments on Michelle Lizárraga’s last TikTok post, thousands of messages of condolences have been expressed by her followers. “Beautiful friend, I will miss you”, “Rest in peace, precious”, “I am so sorry, what a tragedy,” say some users. While others share, “We will miss you so much”, “She was so young and beautiful”. “You were always an example to me, rest in peace, beautiful,” fans expressed through her social media (YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO GO TO A VIDEO).

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