The world prepares for the release of the Epstein client list expected to be made public this week with around 150 names disclosed. – The Gateway Pundit

New York Court to Release Names of Jeffrey Epstein’s 177 High Profile Associates

In a shocking revelation, The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft reported two weeks ago that 177 of Jeffrey Epstein’s high-profile associates are in for a New Year’s surprise as they will be named in court documents set to be released in the first days of 2024. This news has caused ripples of anticipation and concern as the identities of these individuals are eagerly awaited.

While the full list of names has yet to be released, a few individuals have already been identified by various sources. According to the Daily Mail, some of the individuals included in the court documents are housekeepers, while Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz has also been mentioned as one of Epstein’s associates. Additionally, there are expectations that former President Bill Clinton will be listed as “Doe 36” in more than fifty redacted filings from the court documents.

The information to be released is related to a defamation case brought by Prince Andrew’s accuser, Virginia Roberts (now Giuffre), in New York against Epstein’s confidante, Ghislaine Maxwell. The anticipation is high as the release of these documents is expected to shed light on the extent of Epstein’s network and the involvement of various high-profile individuals.

In a statement released by Giuffre, she taunted those about to be exposed on the “naughty list,” indicating that many powerful individuals are expected to be implicated in the court documents.

The BBC reported on what can be expected from the release, noting that there are 187 individuals known as John or Jane Doe in the court papers, and they will now be given their real names. Judge Loretta Preska noted that many of the individuals named in the lawsuit have already been publicly identified by the media or in Maxwell’s criminal trial. She added that many others “did not raise an objection” to the release of the documents.

Some of the names on the list will remain sealed, including those belonging to child victims, as the judge stated in her ruling. Additionally, some individuals may have appeared more than once under different Doe numbers, so the exact number of names to emerge is unknown.

This development has sparked widespread interest and speculation in the public, as the release of these court documents is expected to have far-reaching implications. The exposure of Epstein’s associates and their alleged involvement in his illicit activities is likely to have significant consequences for many powerful and influential individuals.

As the release date for the court documents approaches, the public and media are closely watching to see the fallout from this unprecedented revelation. The coming days are poised to bring to light the names of those involved in Epstein’s network and the extent of their complicity in his crimes. Given the high profile nature of some of the individuals expected to be named, the fallout from this revelation is expected to be considerable. The public eagerly awaits the unveiling of this long-anticipated list of names, as it is set to shed light on a dark and secretive chapter in recent history.