This negotiation feels akin to being in a hostage situation.

Title: Climate Change Protestors Cause Disruption at 2023 US Open Semifinal

Subtitle: Coco Gauff and Karolina Muchova Forced to Pause Match as Protestors Voice Concerns for the Environment


In a surprising turn of events during the 2023 US Open semifinal, Coco Gauff and Karolina Muchova encountered an unexpected break in the middle of the second set due to the intrusion of climate change protestors. The disruptive interruption led to frustration among the players and delayed the match for nearly 45 minutes. This article will delve into the details of the incident, highlight the reactions of the players and officials, and provide updates on the remaining rounds of the tournament.

Disruption by Climate Change Protestors

Coco Gauff, the American No. 2, comfortably won the first set with a score of 6-4. However, in the second set, when Gauff was leading 1-0 on her serve, three fans on the upper deck caught everyone’s attention with their loud chants. Initially, the chair umpire assumed it was the usual noise from the stands and asked the crowd to calm down. However, the group of climate change protestors persisted and forced the players to stop the play.

The protestors chanted, “End fossil fuels,” as their message to raise awareness about the negative impact of traditional energy sources on the environment. Efforts were made to remove them from the stadium, but one protestor, reportedly wearing an ‘End Fossil Fuels’ t-shirt, refused to leave. This defiance led to a prolonged delay and increased frustration among Gauff, Muchova, and their respective teams.

Players React to the Delay

Coco Gauff and her team expressed their anger and frustration at the prolonged delay caused by the climate change protestors. Gauff criticized the negotiation process, comparing it to a hostage situation. She questioned why negotiations were taking place instead of promptly removing the protestors. Gauff’s coach, Brad Gilbert, labeled the situation as a “joke.” The interruption not only affected the rhythm and momentum of the players but also raised concerns about their physical and mental preparedness for the remainder of the match.

Removal of the Protestor

After approximately 45 minutes, the NYPD officers managed to remove the third protestor from the stadium in handcuffs. The delay in his removal was attributed to him having glued his feet to the ground, which made it challenging to remove him quickly. Finally, the players could resume their match, albeit with disrupted concentration and momentum.

The Road to the US Open Final

Despite the disruption, the semifinal clash between Coco Gauff and Karolina Muchova held significance in determining the finalist to face either Aryna Sabalenka or Madison Keys in the 2023 US Open final scheduled for Saturday. All four players had previously reached Grand Slam finals, with only Sabalenka having secured a Major victory. She emerged victorious at the 2023 Australian Open, defeating Elena Rybakina. Madison Keys, a former US Open finalist in 2017, lost to compatriot Sloane Stephens in the title clash. Gauff and Muchova both made it to the French Open finals, but were defeated by Iga Swiatek in their respective championship battles.

Coco Gauff’s Multifaceted Participation at the US Open

In addition to her singles campaign, Coco Gauff also participated in the women’s doubles and mixed doubles events at the US Open. She partnered with Jessica Pegula and Jack Sock, respectively. Unfortunately, Gauff and Pegula were eliminated in the quarterfinals of the women’s doubles, while Gauff and Sock faced an early exit in the first round of the mixed doubles event.


The climate change protestors’ disruptive intrusion during the 2023 US Open semifinal between Coco Gauff and Karolina Muchova emphasized the growing concerns regarding the environment’s well-being. The delay caused frustration among the players, coaches, and officials, underscoring the need for effective management of such situations in sporting events. With the match finally resuming, the winner of the Gauff-Muchova clash will face either Aryna Sabalenka or Madison Keys in the US Open final. As the tournament progresses, it remains to be seen how the remaining matches unfold and which player will emerge as the champion.