This week’s Rivals Rankings focus on the states that have the highest number of prospects in the 2025 Rivals250 list.

Texas Tech’s Micah Hudson Takes Over Top Spot in Texas Rankings
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The state of Texas has always been known for producing top-tier football talent, and the 2024 recruiting cycle is no different. Texas Tech five-star receiver commit Micah Hudson has overtaken five-star Texas defensive end commit Colin Simmons to become the new top player in Texas, according to the latest Rivals rankings. Hudson’s exceptional playmaking ability and impressive ball skills have earned him this coveted spot in the state’s rankings.

Following Hudson on the list is five-star Georgia linebacker commit Justin Williams, showcasing the diverse talent that the Lone Star State has to offer. Williams is closely followed by Florida commit and new five-star quarterback DJ Lagway, with another Texas powerhouse, Terry Bussey, rounding out the top five. Bussey, who has committed to Texas A&M, has also been recognized as a five-star recruit, solidifying the high level of talent coming out of Texas.

The state of Texas boasts a total of 10 players in the top 50 of the Rivals250, signifying the depth and quality of talent within the state. Notable movers in the rankings include Oklahoma running back commit Taylor Tatum, who now ranks as the top running back in the nation.

In fact, Texas lays claim to the top-ranked players at five different positions – including Lagway at dual-threat quarterback, Simmons at weakside defensive end, Williams at inside linebacker, and Bussey at athlete. This further cements the state’s reputation as a breeding ground for elite football talent.

Florida Also Showcases Talent with No. 1 Overall Recruit
In Florida, five-star Ohio State receiver commit Jeremiah Smith has made headlines by moving up to the No. 1 overall spot in the Rivals250. With his exceptional skills, Smith has solidified his position as one of the best receiver prospects in recent years, living up to the high expectations placed on him. He is a testament to the exceptional talent that the state of Florida produces.

Additionally, Florida is home to other top recruits, including Oklahoma five-star defensive tackle commit David Stone, Georgia five-star cornerback commit Ellis Robinson, new five-star offensive tackle Jordan Seaton, and Miami five-star safety commit Zaquan Patterson, who collectively round out the top five in the state rankings. The Sunshine State also boasts top recruits such as Florida State’s Armondo Blount and Florida’s Myles Graham, highlighting the depth of talent within its borders.

The diversity of talent is further emphasized by the fact that Florida reportedly has players ranked No. 1 at seven different positions, including Smith in the receiver position, Stone in the defensive tackle position, Robinson at cornerback, Seaton as an offensive tackle, and Graham at outside linebacker.

Georgia’s Dylan Raiola Holds Strong at No. 2
The state of Georgia has seen an increase in the total number of Rivals250 prospects, with a notable standout being five-star Georgia commit Dylan Raiola, who ranks at No. 2 in the Rivals250 and remains the top quarterback in the nation. Georgia also features talents like Florida State safety commit KJ Bolden and Ohio State’s Eddrick Houston, who have made their mark in the state’s rankings.

Joining them at the top are five-star Tennessee receiver commit Mike Matthews and five-star Ohio State quarterback commit Air Noland, rounding out the top five in Georgia’s rankings. This diversity of elite talent further cements Georgia’s status as a powerhouse for football recruits.

California Elevates Top Talent with New Five-Stars
The state of California has continued to solidify its status as a source of top football talent, boasting players such as Julian Sayin, who has remained the No. 1 player in the state. The California rankings also feature new five-stars Brandon Baker and Kyngstonn Viliamu-Asa, who have further elevated the state’s standing in the recruiting world. California’s top-five rankings also include cornerback Zabien Brown and former five-star Peyton Woodyard, who have committed to Alabama.

Alabama’s First Five-Star of the 2024 Cycle Emerges
Alabama has also shown its football prowess, with Auburn commit Cam Coleman earning his five-star status and rising to the No. 5 spot in the Rivals250. Joining him are Auburn linebacker commit Demarcus Riddick, Alabama cornerback commit Jaylen Mbakwe, Auburn receiver commit Perry Thompson, and Tennessee defensive end commit Jordan Ross, who make up the top five in the state’s rankings. This further validates the state’s reputation as a powerhouse for football talent.

The latest Rivals rankings have shed a spotlight on the diverse and impressive talent that each state has to offer, emphasizing the high level of competition and caliber of the players emerging from these areas. As the 2024 recruiting cycle continues, it is clear that these states will continue to play a significant role in shaping the future of college football.