TikTok Details Steps to Combat Disinformation Following EU Request

BRUSSELS – The short video app TikTok responded on Sunday, announcing its immediate efforts to counter hate speech and misinformation following the recent conflict between the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas and Israel.

Thierry Breton, the EU’s industry chief, had given TikTok a 24-hour deadline on Thursday to outline the measures taken to combat the spread of disinformation related to the Middle East conflict. Additionally, an investigation was launched into Elon Musk’s company, X.

In a released statement, TikTok provided a list of actions taken, although specifics of the response to Breton were not disclosed.

“TikTok unequivocally condemns terrorism. We are deeply disturbed by the recent acts of terror in Israel and profoundly saddened by the escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza,” TikTok expressed.

Owned by the Chinese firm ByteDance, TikTok outlined several steps it had taken, including establishing a dedicated command center, bolstering automated detection systems to promptly remove graphic and violent content, and increasing the number of moderators proficient in Arabic and Hebrew.

Furthermore, TikTok announced initiatives to remove content that targets or ridicules victims of violence or incites further aggression. They have also implemented restrictions on eligibility for their live broadcast feature and emphasized collaboration with law enforcement agencies while engaging with relevant experts.