TikTok’s Compliance with Malaysian Laws Falls Short, Says Malaysia

Malaysia’s Communication Minister expressed dissatisfaction with TikTok’s compliance with local laws, highlighting the platform’s inadequate efforts to address defamatory or misleading content. After a meeting with TikTok representatives, the minister urged TikTok to take a more proactive stance in curbing the dissemination of fake news and defamatory material on its platform.

The minister emphasized the necessity for TikTok to promptly rectify its unsatisfactory compliance with Malaysian laws. He noted that TikTok acknowledged its shortcomings, citing the absence of a local representative as a contributing factor.

A TikTok spokesperson has yet to respond to the minister’s remarks or comment on the meeting.

In recent months, Malaysia has heightened its scrutiny of online content, aligning with Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s administration’s commitment to mitigate what it perceives as provocative posts touching on sensitive topics such as race, religion, and royalty.