Toone Hopeful Manchester United Can Strike the Right Chord in Paris

Ella Toone, a key player for Manchester United, is optimistic about the team’s prospects against Paris Saint-Germain in the Women‘s Champions League. The Red Devils head to the French capital for the crucial second leg of the second-round qualifying tie, which is currently leveled at 1-1 after Melvine Malard’s equalizer in the previous encounter.

Toone, an England international midfielder, is proud to be part of this historic moment for Manchester United and is confident in their abilities to emerge victorious in the upcoming match.

“We feel that every time we step onto the pitch, we’re making history for this incredible club,” expressed the 24-year-old. “For me, it’s the result of years of hard work, and securing a 1-1 draw in the first leg was an amazing achievement.”

Reflecting on the first leg, Toone emphasized the team’s resilience in the face of adversity. “In the first half, we were under pressure, but we held our ground. We defended fiercely and understood the significance of the game. The second half showcased our bravery, with players stepping up, being proactive, and demonstrating that we can compete against world-class teams.”

This campaign marks Manchester United’s inaugural participation in the Champions League, making every match a historic milestone. However, a defeat at the Parc des Princes could shatter their dreams of progressing to the group stage.

Toone acknowledged the formidable challenge posed by PSG and highlighted their strength in individual performances. “We recognize PSG’s quality, with exceptional players capable of creating opportunities. They employ a man-marking strategy, which we’re not accustomed to, but we’re determined to adapt and showcase courage on the ball.”

The team understands the magnitude of the task at hand and the importance of securing a spot in the group stage draw on Friday. Toone concluded, “Our first Champions League experience together as a squad was nerve-wracking for some, but we rallied in the second half. Our performance was commendable, and we draw valuable lessons and positivity to carry into the second leg.”