Top 10 WR Transfers of the Offseason Ranked

The transfer portal window for spring has closed, and college football rosters are getting finalized for the upcoming fall season. This off-season has seen significant movement in the transfer portal, with several high-profile wide receivers making moves to new programs. Here is a look at the top 10 wide receiver acquisitions from the transfer portal in this off-season.

1. Evan Stewart, Oregon

Evan Stewart, who previously played for Texas A&M, is now transferring to Oregon. Despite not putting up eye-popping numbers at Texas A&M, Stewart showed flashes of brilliance as a freshman leading the Aggies in receptions and receiving yards. With a change in scenery and coach at Oregon, Stewart has the potential to become one of the best in college football.

2. Isaiah Bond, Texas

Isaiah Bond, a top 100 receiver from Alabama, is transferring to Texas. Bond excelled at Alabama last season and should continue to thrive in Texas under coach Steve Sarkisian’s offense, where he will have the opportunity to showcase his skills.

3. Deion Burks, Oklahoma

Deion Burks led Purdue in all receiving categories last season and is now making the move to Oklahoma. With the Sooners’ high-powered offense, Burks is poised to have a breakout season and further establish himself as one of the best receivers in college football.

4. Antwane Wells, Jr., Ole Miss

Antwane Wells, Jr., who previously played for South Carolina, is now with Ole Miss. Despite being plagued by injuries last season, Wells has the potential to be a standout receiver in Ole Miss’ offense under coach Lane Kiffin.

5. Caullin Lacy, Louisville

Caullin Lacy had a successful career at South Alabama, and now he is transferring to Louisville. With Louisville’s need for playmakers on offense, Lacy is expected to contribute significantly to the team’s success.

6. Matthew Golden, Texas

Matthew Golden, a former standout at Houston, is now at Texas. Golden’s abilities in the return game, coupled with his receiving skills, make him a valuable asset to the Longhorns.

7. Elijah Badger, TBD

Elijah Badger, a four-star receiver from Arizona State, has not yet chosen a new program following his time at Arizona State. Badger’s impressive stats make him an attractive prospect for any team looking for a dynamic receiver.

8. Ja’Mori Maclin, Kentucky

Ja’Mori Maclin, who excelled at North Texas, is now transferring to Kentucky. Maclin’s production at North Texas makes him a key addition to Kentucky’s offense.

9. Mario Williams, Tulane

Mario Williams, a former five-star receiver, is now at Tulane after stints at Oklahoma and USC. Williams’ move to Tulane signals a fresh start and an opportunity to showcase his talents once again.

10. Keandre Lambert-Smith, Auburn

Keandre Lambert-Smith, a standout at Penn State, is now at Auburn looking for a fresh start. With an elite group of receivers at Auburn, Lambert-Smith has the opportunity to make a significant impact on the team.

These 10 wide receiver acquisitions from the transfer portal add depth and talent to their new programs, setting the stage for an exciting college football season ahead.