Top Five Contenders According to Zadian Gentry

Three-star McKinney (Texas) cornerback Zadian Gentry has recently announced his top five college choices, which include Missouri, SMU, Baylor, Oklahoma State, and Wisconsin. Rivals, a well-known recruiting service, has ranked these contenders ahead of an upcoming stretch of official visits that Gentry will be taking this summer.

1. SMU
SMU is making a strong case for Gentry by being in a power conference and being geographically close to his family. The Mustangs have been actively recruiting in Dallas and are on an upward trend in terms of attracting top talent. It is believed that SMU’s positives in Gentry’s recruitment may sway him away from other top options in the long run.

2. Oklahoma State
Oklahoma State seems to be a natural fit for Gentry, given his profile as a long, athletic defensive back from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Cowboys have successfully recruited from McKinney in the past, and Gentry’s teammate from McKinney also plays for Oklahoma State. Cornerbacks coach Tim Duffie has a successful track record in the DFW metroplex, making Stillwater a viable option for Gentry, who would only be a 3.5-hour drive away from home.

3. Missouri
Although Missouri has caught Gentry’s attention, there are concerns about him leaving the region for school. Those close to him are reportedly advocating for him to stay closer to home, which could potentially impact Missouri’s chances. However, if Missouri impresses Gentry during his official visit, it may be enough to persuade him to consider attending the school.

4. Baylor
Baylor, being close to Gentry’s family and having a defensive-minded head coach, presents itself as a viable option for the cornerback. However, Baylor is not among the top options for Gentry at this time. The program will need to go above and beyond to secure his commitment.

5. Wisconsin
While Wisconsin has shown interest in Gentry, it ranks lower on his list due to location and weather factors. Although some Texas players have made the move to Wisconsin in the past, it is unlikely that Gentry will follow suit. The Badgers’ active recruitment efforts may not be enough to overcome the challenges of distance and climate in the long run.

As Gentry prepares to embark on his official visits, the competition among these top five schools will intensify as they vie for his commitment. Stay tuned for updates on Zadian Gentry’s college decision.