Tori Spelling Explains Last Argument with Dean McDermott That Resulted in Breakup

Tori Spelling Opens Up About Personal Incident that Ended Her Marriage

Tori Spelling recently revealed on her podcast about a personal incident that led to the end of her marriage with estranged husband Dean McDermott. According to Tori, the incident occurred in June 2023, as they were returning home from a shoot she did with Jennie Garth. Dean said something to Tori that crossed the line, causing her to react in a beast-like manner by throwing a potato on the ground and letting out a guttural scream.

The aftermath of the incident led Tori to lock herself in her bedroom, separate from Dean’s room in the house. Dean eventually made his way into her room through a side entrance and expressed his desire for a divorce, which Tori agreed to. Despite taking some time to make the decision, Tori eventually filed for divorce recently after nearly a year of being separated.

In her podcast, Tori also discussed the relief she felt when Dean announced their split on social media, allowing her to move on and feel a significant weight lifted off her shoulders. However, she mentioned the challenge it posed for their teenage daughter, Stella.

Dean McDermott, on the other hand, has also spoken out about the divorce, stating that it was a long time coming, a sentiment he allegedly shared with their children when they first decided to separate.

Tori Spelling is now finding closure by sharing her story and recounting the whole saga in her own words. It’s been a tumultuous journey for the couple, but they seem to be moving forward in their own ways.

The news of their divorce has sparked interest and speculation among fans and the media, as the celebrity couple navigates through the challenges of separation and divorce in the public eye. Stay tuned for more updates on Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s personal journey.