Tori Spelling Plans for a ‘Single Mom Christmas’ as She Navigates Split from Dean McDermott

Tori Spelling Takes on ‘Single Mom Christmas’ as Shopping Time Runs Out

Hollywood actress Tori Spelling is facing a daunting challenge this holiday season. With just a few days left until Christmas, she has taken to social media to express her concerns about completing her Christmas shopping in time. The mother of five calls this season “single mom Christmas.”

In a recent post on social media, Spelling shared about her struggle to complete five Christmas lists with only three days left until the big day. She highlighted the nightmare of missing the Amazon Prime cutoff and the need to “brave the mall alone” to get the last-minute shopping done.

The actress was recently spotted doing Christmas shopping alone, despite her co-parenting situation with her ex-husband, Dean McDermott. The couple had publicly announced their decision to split back in June, and it seems that Spelling is now taking on the challenge of managing Christmas responsibilities on her own.

Spelling’s recent struggles seem to be a part of a series of challenges she has faced this year. There was speculation that Tori and her kids moved into an RV after they were spotted outside of a mobile home when she and Dean parted ways. They also briefly stayed in a motel after her place had a mold issue.

In addition, Spelling has had to deal with hospitalization, a situation that seemed to be a rough patch for her. Despite these difficulties, Spelling claimed in July that she’s actually doing better on her own.

The actress has been vocal about her journey as a single mother and has showcased her resilience in the face of personal challenges. While her mother, Candy Spelling, expressed her support for her daughter during these tough times, it appears that the responsibility of Christmas shopping still falls on Tori alone.

Spelling’s struggle seems to resonate with many single parents who are navigating the holiday season on their own. Her candid posts have garnered support and empathy, with many fans commending her strength and determination.

As we approach Christmas, it is important to acknowledge the challenges faced by individuals, especially mothers, who are juggling multiple responsibilities during the holiday season. Spelling’s experience serves as a reminder of the resilience and tenacity of single parents, and highlights the need for support and understanding within our communities.