Tragic Loss: Former Miss Uruguay Young Woman Passes Away

Spanish Model Sherika de Armas Passes Away: A Tragic Farewell to a Talented Beauty

The world mourned on Wednesday, October 11th, as it bid a sad farewell to the talented Spanish model and entrepreneur, Sherika de Armas. At just 26 years old, she lost her brave battle against cervical cancer. Sherika will always be remembered as Miss Uruguay 2016. Despite facing numerous treatments with courage, the disease ultimately proved devastating, leaving an irreplaceable void in the fashion industry.

Sherika de Armas, former Miss Uruguay and Miss World Uruguay 2015, left an indelible mark on the world of beauty and modeling. It was in that year that she showcased her grace and elegance at the Sofitel Montevideo Casino Carrasco, solidifying her path in beauty pageants. However, one of the most significant milestones of her career was representing Uruguay in the renowned Miss World competition in 2016. Her participation in the pageant made her a symbol of elegance and poise, leading her to become an influential figure on social media.

The news of her untimely departure has left the fashion and modeling industry in Uruguay shocked and saddened, mourning her premature farewell. After the announcement of the Spanish model’s death, her brother Mayk de Armas posted a heartfelt message on his social media. “Fly high, little sister. Always and forever,” can be read in the post from the model’s deceased brother. In addition, he shared a video on his Instagram story of Sherika skating in a park, accompanied by the words, “There is no more pain. Safe travels, I love you forever.”

Carla Romero, the current Miss Uruguay, expressed her pain and admiration for Sherika de Armas, describing her as a person “too evolved for this world.” She also mentioned that the Spanish model was one of the most beautiful women she had ever known in her life, as she shared on her social media. Her words reflect the impact that Sherika’s departure has had on those who shared her journey and witnessed her shine with grace and talent on the catwalk.

It is worth mentioning that cervical cancer is a cruel disease that takes away promising young talents like the late celebrity.

“Tears and Goodbye Words for the Spanish Model”

“You will always be remembered, not only for all the support you gave me and how much you wanted to see me grow,” wrote model Lola de los Santos, Miss Uruguay 2021. “But also for your love, your joy, and the friends we shared and that I still have today,” she added in a post remembering the Spanish model.

After her beauty pageant days, de Armas founded her own company, dedicated to the sale of personal care products, makeup, and hair care. She also shared makeup tutorials and beauty tips on her account “Shey de Armas,” according to El Heraldo.

She volunteered for several social projects, such as the Pérez Scremini Foundation, which works towards the cure of childhood cancer in Uruguay, and the Pereira Rossel Hospital. “I believe that social work enriches the human being, and by helping others, you help yourself,” she said in an interview with Revista Caras. “It’s a dream come true. It’s exactly what I aspired to achieve. It’s indescribable to explain what I felt when they called me to be crowned,” she said after winning her pageant. She added, “It’s my opportunity to show the world what Uruguay can contribute to the purpose of this contest.”

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