Trump criticizes Megyn Kelly as the “biggest loser” following her claim that he is not as “mentally sharp” as before.

Former President Donald Trump has recently been the subject of criticism from former Fox News host Megyn Kelly. This article highlights the ongoing feud between the two public figures and explores the history of their tumultuous relationship.

Trump’s Response to Megyn Kelly’s Accusations:
The former President Donald Trump is firing back at the former Fox News host Megyn Kelly after she claimed that he has lost “multiple steps,” and that he is not as “mentally sharp” as he was back in 2016. Kelly made these comments during an appearance on Glenn Beck’s show, noting instances, where Trump had confused various pieces of information. She described him as appearing “confused” and questioned his current mental sharpness.

Trump’s initial response came through a social media post where he expressed his surprise at Kelly’s comments, saying, “What the hell happened to her? She has lost whatever she once had, which wasn’t very much.” He dismissed Kelly’s criticisms and implied that her opinions did not hold much merit.

Kelly’s Criticisms of Trump’s Mental Acuity:
In her interview on Glenn Beck’s show, Kelly pointed out alleged instances of Trump’s declining acuity. She cited occasions where Trump confused Joe Biden for Barack Obama, as well as confusing countries and cities. She stated that this was evidence that Trump had lost a step or “multiple steps.” She noted that at 77 years old, Trump was not as vibrant and mentally sharp as he was in 2016.

Trump’s History with Megyn Kelly:
The feud between Trump and Kelly has a long history, dating back to her role as a moderator in a Republican presidential debate in 2015. During the debate, Kelly questioned Trump about derogatory comments he had made towards women, which prompted a heated exchange between the two. Following the debate, Trump made controversial comments about Kelly, suggesting that her questioning was a result of her menstrual cycle. This led to ongoing animosity between Trump and Kelly, with Trump continuing to publicly criticize her.

Kelly’s changing attitude towards Trump:
Despite the history of conflict between Trump and Kelly, Kelly has indicated that she no longer holds any issue with Trump and that their past disputes are behind them. She has revealed that she appreciates Trump’s recent magnanimity and has distanced herself from previous antagonistic statements.

Concluding Thoughts:
The ongoing feud between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly highlights the enduring tension in the relationship, as well as the evolution of their attitudes towards each other. The public nature of their disagreements and criticisms serves as a reminder of the division within the political and media landscape. The sentiments and opinions expressed by both parties have generated significant public interest and led to ongoing discussions about the legacy and current status of Donald Trump.