“Trump Extends Congrats to Conservative Milei on His Big Win in Argentina’s Presidential Election, Aims to ‘Make Argentina Great Again'” – The Gateway Pundit

Javier Milei Wins Argentine Presidential Election in Historic Upset

By Fernando de Castro in Brazil

Former U.S. President Donald Trump congratulated Javier Milei after his victory in the second round of the Argentine presidential elections on Sunday, 19. Milei defeated leftist candidate Sergio Massa in the runoff election in Argentina. The South American country is grappling with high inflation and a surge in crime rates.

In congratulating Javier Milei, Trump posted on Truth Social:

“Congratulations to Javier Milei on a great race for President of Argentina. The whole world was watching! I am very proud of you. You will turn your Country around and truly Make Argentina Great Again!”

Javier Milei’s inauguration is scheduled to take place on December 10. Coming in second place in the first round, Milei managed to reverse the situation this Sunday. A second-round turnaround was a feat that had only been achieved in 2015 by Mauricio Macri.

During his first speech as the elected president, Milei pledged to uphold three principles:

“Our commitment is to democracy, free trade, and peace. We will work with all nations of the free world to help everyone build a better world.”

Milei’s victory comes at a time of economic and social challenges in Argentina. The country has faced high inflation and rising crime rates, leading to widespread dissatisfaction with the ruling party. In the first round of the presidential election, Milei garnered a significant amount of support, signaling a growing demand for change among the Argentine populace.

The election campaign was marked by heated debates and intense discussions about the country’s economic policies. Milei, an economist and politician, ran on a platform of free-market principles and a commitment to addressing the economic issues facing Argentina.

Milei’s victory is seen as a significant shift in Argentina’s political landscape. His win signals a departure from the traditional political establishment and a desire for change among the Argentine people. Many see Milei’s victory as a rejection of the status quo and a demand for a new direction in Argentina’s governance.

Following his win, Milei has promised to prioritize economic reforms and to address the challenges facing Argentina. His commitment to democracy and free trade has resonated with many voters who are eager for change and a new approach to governance.

In response to Milei’s victory, world leaders have congratulated him on his win and expressed optimism for the future of Argentina. Donald Trump’s message of support has been echoed by other international leaders who see Milei’s win as a positive development for Argentina and the region as a whole.

Milei’s victory has sparked discussions about the implications for Argentina’s economy and its future trajectory. Many analysts see his win as a potential catalyst for economic reforms and a shift towards a more open and market-oriented economy.

The road ahead for Milei will undoubtedly be challenging, as he grapples with the complex issues facing Argentina. However, his victory has given hope to many who see his win as a turning point for the country and a step towards a brighter future.

As Javier Milei prepares to take office as the next president of Argentina, the world will be watching closely to see how he navigates the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. His win represents a new chapter in Argentina’s history and a potential turning point for the country’s future.