Trump’s Border Bloodbath

Former President of the United States and future Republican candidate Donald Trump has escalated his rhetoric against migration. He blames his rival, Democratic President Joe Biden, for causing a “bloodbath” at the border, as reported by the Efe agency.

The New York magnate previously used the concept of “bloodbath” last month to warn of the consequences, apparently economic, that would occur if he loses the upcoming elections.

During a speech in Michigan, a key state for the November elections, Trump claimed that the influx of migrants under Biden’s government is a “threat” that has left the country “in ruins.”

“I am here today to denounce the bloodbath at Joe Biden’s border, that’s what it is,” the Republican asserted.

He also accused the Democrats of attempting to “misinform” when he used the words “bloodbath” back in March.

Delving into several cases of homicides allegedly committed by undocumented migrants, Trump stated that they should not be called people but “animals.”

The former president promised voters that there will be “security” if he returns to the White House, a message he says is supported by “suburban housewives.”

Furthermore, Trump expressed his belief that if he loses the November elections, the United States will “cease to exist,” suggesting that those could be the last elections held in the country.

This is not the first time he has used this tone against migrants, previously claiming that they are not people and accusing them of “poisoning the blood” of the United States.

Migration has once again become the central theme of Trump’s campaign, with the issue becoming the top concern of voters, according to recent polls.

Biden’s administration overturned Trump’s policy that facilitated the swift return of migrants. They have also implemented humanitarian permit programs for individuals from various countries while restricting asylum applications at the border.

In another development, the sister of Ruby García, allegedly murdered by an undocumented Mexican, has denied that Donald Trump spoke with the family about the tragedy. The family refuted Trump’s claims made during a campaign event in Michigan.

The grieving community of Grand Rapids, where the murder took place, mourns the loss of Ruby García, a vibrant 25-year-old. Trump’s comments on the tragic incident have caused tensions, with the spokesperson for the family stating that neither Trump nor his campaign had contacted them.

The suspect responsible for Ruby García’s death, Brandon Ortiz-Vite, was in the country illegally and confessed to the crime. He had previously been deported to Mexico in 2020 but returned to the US after being expelled.

Mavi García, the victim’s sister, emphasized the strong bond within their family and noted that she would have been aware if any family member had spoken with Trump.

Expressing her distress over Trump’s words, Mavi García criticized the focus on illegal immigrants in discussions surrounding the crime. She emphasized the need to remember her sister for who she was in life, rather than being overshadowed by political rhetoric.

It is clear that Trump’s rhetoric on migration and its implications on public safety continue to stir controversy and highlight the complex nature of immigration issues in the United States.