Tucker Carlson Shows Support for America as He Introduces Kid Rock, Hailing it as a Nation of Exceptional People

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson defended the United States of America while opening for Kid Rock in Gonzales, Louisiana over the weekend.

Newsweek reported that Kid Rock is currently on his Rock The Country tour, visiting small towns and cities across the country between April and July. Last weekend, Carlson served as a surprise opener for Kid Rock in Gonzales, where he took the opportunity to deliver a powerful defense of America.

Carlson shared a story about how Kid Rock invited him to open for him on his summer tour despite not playing an instrument. He recounted a moment at the venue where he was drawn to a lighting rig that resembled a cross, and a woman with a cross necklace and a Trump bracelet approached him expressing her love. Carlson described this encounter as representative of the America he knows – a country filled with beautiful people.

He then went on to address accusations from the left that the country is “f***ed up,” countering that the America he experiences is a beautiful place filled with love. Carlson emphasized the importance of celebrating freedom in the last free country and called on the audience to be as noisy and disobedient as possible for Kid Rock.

The friendship between Kid Rock and Carlson dates back years, with both celebrities being vocal supporters of former President Donald Trump. Kid Rock praised Trump as the greatest president the U.S. has ever had and commended his authenticity in stating what’s on his mind.

The trio of Kid Rock, Tucker Carlson, and Donald Trump are united in their love for America, reflecting a patriotic spirit that resonates with many across the country. Fans who share this love for the nation are encouraged to attend Kid Rock’s Rock The Country tour to experience a celebration of freedom and patriotism.

Overall, the event in Gonzales served as a platform for celebrating America, its values, and the bond shared by individuals who hold their country dear. Through their words and actions, Carlson and Kid Rock exemplified the essence of patriotic unity and appreciation for the land of the free.