Twitter (X) Introduces New Policy – Employment History to be Included

The social media application Twitter, now known as X, has announced a new policy that will come into effect on September 29. One of the most prominent changes in this latest privacy policy is the collection of users’ biometric data. Although X has not provided specific details about what “biometric information” entails, it typically includes physical characteristics such as faces or fingerprints.

The latest X privacy policy states that the collection of biometric information will be used for security, safety, and user identification purposes. However, the company has not yet explained in detail how this data will be collected.

In addition to collecting biometric data, the updated privacy policy also includes the gathering of users’ employment and educational histories. X has announced that they may collect information such as work history, education, job preferences, skills and abilities, job search activities, and more. The goal is to recommend potential jobs to users, share this information with potential employers when users apply for jobs, facilitate employer searches for potential employees, and display more relevant ads to users.

This step appears to be related to X’s beta feature, allowing verified organizations on the platform to upload job listings on their profiles. The social media platform has also established an official account, @XHiring, as part of their recruitment initiative. This move is part of CEO X Elon Musk’s grand plan to transform the platform into an “everything app.”

It is important to note that if there are significant changes in X’s Privacy Policy, the company will provide notice to users and offer them the opportunity to review the revised policy before continuing to use X. This is an essential step in maintaining transparency and giving users a chance to understand the impact of these changes.

With the introduction of this new policy, X users should monitor updates from X to better understand how these changes will affect their use of the platform.