Uncover the Secret Setting for Optimal Zoom on Your Samsung Galaxy at Night

Samsung is a brand known for its commitment to photography, especially in the mobile phone market. The brand not only focuses on high-end models like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, but also in other models such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, which has an optical zoom feature. This dedication to photography sets Samsung apart from other brands in the industry.

However, the implementation of optical zoom doesn’t always work as expected. In many cases, the operating system may prefer to use the main sensor and crop the image instead of using the zoom feature, especially in low light settings. This is because zoom cameras do not have as good stabilizers as the main ones, so the system prefers to avoid the risk of blurry images. Despite this, many users still value a sharper image with more detail, even if it requires extra care and attention while taking the photo.

Samsung has developed a specialized camera application called Assistant Camera, available for download from the Galaxy Store. This plugin offers an extended settings section for the camera, allowing users to change various photographic parameters. One key feature is the automatic lens change when there is low light, which can significantly improve image quality. Additionally, users can opt for a 2x button in the camera interface, providing direct access to the zoom feature.

Other settings offered by the Assistant Camera app include distortion correction, the ability to remove anti-aliasing from photos, timer features for multiple shots, and high resolution settings for digital zoom.

Overall, Samsung’s commitment to photography extends beyond just the hardware of its phones, and with the Assistant Camera app, users have even more control over their mobile photography experience.