Unlocking the Power of Apple Devices: Insights Gained from Fifteen Years of Remote Work

Teleworking, or working from home, has become a hot topic during the pandemic. However, there are those who have been doing it for a long time and have valuable insights to share. As a server who has been writing articles from the comfort of home since 2008, I have developed a system that works best for me.

Over the years, I have found that investing in the right technology is essential. My setup includes a desktop computer, a laptop, an Apple Watch, an iPhone, and an iPad. These devices work together seamlessly and allow me to access all the necessary applications and data. The key is to waste as little time as possible, so I prioritize apps that sync across all my devices. I can even check data from my Apple Watch, minimizing distractions from social networks and other services.

To further optimize productivity, I have a set of rules when it comes to using my devices. I prefer to perform tasks and inquiries using the Apple Watch, followed by voice commands to Siri. If possible, I try to complete tasks directly from the lock screen of my iPhone or using widgets without opening applications. If all else fails, I will use whichever device is closest at hand.

In terms of applications, I opt for those that are compatible with the Apple Watch. This way, I don’t have to constantly rely on my iPhone. I have adapted my workflows to Apple’s own applications, ensuring proper synchronization and backup through iCloud. For example, my schedule, tasks, and projects are all managed in the Calendar app.

When it comes to ergonomics, I have made some conscious choices. While I used to use an iPad, I found that typing was more time-consuming due to certain gestures and usage patterns. Therefore, I now rely on a MacBook Air, especially during train commutes. Additionally, I have had to give up using the Magic Mouse for health reasons. For my 27-inch LG monitor, I have settled for an intermediate resolution between pure 1080p and native 4K. Although it may not be perfectly proportional, the difference is minimal and I have adapted to it.

As for keyboards, I currently use a Magic Keyboard, but some of its keys are beginning to fail after several years of use. Considering the prices, my next keyboard will likely be a low profile mechanical one that offers a balance between comfort and speed. Since I spend many hours typing each day, this decision requires careful consideration.

In summary, I prefer to stick with Apple’s own offerings and find ways to minimize device interactions. With the upcoming Widgets in iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma, I hope to further improve my workflow. By prioritizing efficiency and comfort, I have found a teleworking setup that works well for me.

Image source: Tomasz Zagorsky via Unsplash.