Unlocking the Power: Using Your Cell Phone as a Remote Control

Smart televisions have revolutionized the way we watch television and access streaming services. With the ability to download applications, access various streaming platforms, and surf the internet, smart TVs have become an essential device in many households. In Spain, the availability of smart TVs and the offers surrounding them are making them increasingly accessible to consumers.

However, a common frustration for many smart TV users is the tedious process of typing in passwords and searching for content on streaming services using the TV remote. The solution to this issue is to use a Bluetooth keyboard or, as a free and immediate alternative, to use your smartphone as a keyboard.

Using your smartphone as a keyboard for your smart TV is a convenient and cost-effective option. By downloading the Google TV application on your mobile device, you can seamlessly integrate it with your Android TV. This integration allows your smartphone to function as a remote control without the need for infrared, making the typing process much smoother and more efficient.

Once the Google TV application is downloaded and paired with your TV, a controller icon will appear at the bottom of the application, giving you access to a virtual remote control. This virtual control allows you to navigate and control all aspects of the television, offering a practical alternative if the original remote is lost or runs out of battery.

When a text box is opened on the television for writing, the mobile keyboard and a preview box will automatically appear on your smartphone, making it easy to see what you are typing on the TV screen. This feature eliminates the need to use the TV remote for typing, significantly improving the user experience and allowing for quick and easy text input, such as logging in and searching for content.

Overall, using your smartphone as a keyboard for your smart TV is a simple and effective way to enhance your viewing experience. It’s a small investment of time to set up, and the convenience and ease of use it provides make it a worthwhile solution for smart TV users.