Unveiling the Astonishing Foldable Mobile: A Revolutionary Blend of Leica Photography and Exquisite Design

Xiaomi Continues to Excel in the Folding Market with the Xiaomi MIX Fold 3

Xiaomi has been making significant strides in the folding smartphone market, positioning itself as a leading brand in this sector. The Xiaomi MIX Fold 3, the latest release from the company, aims to make a strong statement, particularly in terms of its camera capabilities, an area where folding smartphones have traditionally fallen short when compared to conventional high-end devices. At EL ESPAÑOL – El Androide Libre, we had the opportunity to get our hands on this smartphone at Xiaomi’s offices, and it is clear that the device addresses the weaknesses of its predecessor by introducing improvements such as the addition of a front camera and wireless charging. Furthermore, Xiaomi continues to prioritize optimizing the device’s size, resulting in a robust yet sleek device, especially when unfolded, with a thickness of just over 5 mm.

Sadly, Xiaomi has confirmed that the Xiaomi MIX Fold 3 will not be officially released in Spain. Nevertheless, the device’s design and display stand out in the market. Xiaomi has managed to create an incredibly slim device that closely resembles a conventional phone, unlike other folding smartphones that appear as two separate mobiles when unfolded. This slim design ensures that the device does not take up any extra space when stored in pockets, providing exceptional comfort to users.

Xiaomi’s self-made hinge mechanism is a standout feature of the Xiaomi MIX Fold 3. With an estimated lifespan of at least 500,000 folds, this mechanism ensures that the two parts of the phone remain as close together as possible. When unfolded, the device offers a 4:3 aspect ratio, perfect for consuming content on social media and browsing the internet. The exterior panel, measuring 6.56 inches, provides the same user experience as a conventional mobile phone, with a maximum brightness of 2600 nits, comparable to the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, making it easily visible even in direct sunlight. Additionally, the Xiaomi MIX Fold 3 introduces a new feature that allows users to partially unfold the phone, similar to an open laptop, offering greater flexibility in usage scenarios. This floating mode can be convenient in situations such as taking a photo or using a part of the screen as a keyboard.

In terms of the display, the Xiaomi MIX Fold 3 incorporates LTPO technology, which reduces the perceptible curvature of the inner panel. The maximum brightness of the inner panel is 1300 nits, half that of the exterior panel, but still suitable for outdoor use. With an 8-inch size and OLED technology, the inner panel provides excellent performance for multimedia and social networking.

Xiaomi has put considerable effort into enhancing the camera capabilities of the Xiaomi MIX Fold 3. While folding smartphones have historically struggled to match the photography prowess of conventional high-end devices, the MIX Fold 3 aims to change that perception. The device features four 50-megapixel sensors, including a main sensor, an ultra-wide-angle lens, a 3.2x telephoto lens, and a 5x telephoto lens. Most importantly, all the lenses, except for the ultra-wide-angle lens, are equipped with optical stabilization. This improvement ensures that natural hand movements do not significantly impact the quality of photos and videos, greatly reducing the likelihood of blur. Although we have not conducted extensive camera tests, preliminary comparisons with other high-end competitors have shown promising results.

To power the Xiaomi MIX Fold 3, Xiaomi has collaborated with Qualcomm and incorporated the Snapdragon 8 Generation 2 chip, allowing the device to handle any game or app seamlessly. The device also integrates Xiaomi’s own Surge G1 chips for each of its two battery cells, as well as a Surge P2 chip for managing the charging process. Unlike its predecessor, the MIX Fold 3 supports wireless charging at a maximum power of 50W. The package includes a 67W wall charger and a case, which features a removable tab that allows the device to rest on a table without the need for a support stand.

Despite not officially launching in Spain, the Xiaomi MIX Fold 3 presents itself as a foldable smartphone that rivals conventional high-end devices like the Xiaomi 13 Ultra. Xiaomi has spared no expense in terms of design, camera quality, and screen performance. Additionally, the device’s slim profile makes it comfortable and easy to carry. With its powerful processor and impressive features, the Xiaomi MIX Fold 3 is a compelling option for users seeking a top-tier smartphone experience.

Technical Specifications:
– Processor and Memory: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Generation 2, RAM memory: 12 / 16 GB, Internal storage: 256 GB / 512 GB / 1 TB.
– Display: External AMOLED display, 6.56 inches, Full HD +, 120 Hz, Internal OLED display, 8.02 inches, 2K+, 120 Hz, Gorilla Glass 2 protection.
– Camera: Main camera: 50 MP, Wide-angle: 50 MP, 3.2x telephoto lens: 50 MP, Super telephoto 5x: 50 MP, LED Flash.
– Connectivity: 5G, Bluetooth 5.3, WiFi 6, Side fingerprint sensor.
– Battery and Charging: Battery: 4,800 mAh, Fast charging: 67W, Wireless charging: 50W.
– Dimensions and Weight: Folded dimensions: 161.2 x 73.5 x 10.96 mm, Unfolded dimensions: 161.2 x 143.28 x 10.96 mm, Weight: 259g.
– Operating System: Android version: 13, Manufacturer interface: MIUI 14.

Overall, the Xiaomi MIX Fold 3 offers exceptional performance in various aspects, ranging from its powerful processor and advanced camera system to its sleek design and innovative folding mechanism. While its official availability in Spain may be limited for now, users can still consider purchasing the device from other markets or resorting to importing it. With its cutting-edge features, the Xiaomi MIX Fold 3 proves to be an impressive addition to the foldable smartphone market.