Unveiling the Price Tag: Revealing the Cost in Spain.

Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro: Leaks and Price Increases in Europe

Google is gearing up for the highly anticipated release of the new Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones, as well as their new generation smartwatch, the Google Pixel Clock 2. Leaks in recent months have revealed some of the most important features of these devices, which will once again be available in Spain. Additionally, Google promises to outperform Samsung in terms of updates, setting high expectations for its new lineup.

However, not all the news is positive. There are indications that the US company may significantly increase the prices of its products in Europe, with some models seeing price hikes of over 200 euros. Google’s previous generations of smartphones have been praised for their affordability compared to their high-end competitors. This potential move to increase prices could level the playing field.

Leaked information also includes details about the storage options for each price level and the possible color variants for each model. It appears that the Mint color, with green tones, will be the only option shared across all models. The most expensive variant of the upcoming Pixel lineup is rumored to reach a staggering 1,460 euros.

One of the leaks suggests that the Pixel 8 could see a substantial price increase in Spain, specifically for its 128 GB version, which is Google’s most affordable option. The price could jump from 649 euros to 874 euros. Similarly, the 256 GB variant might receive a price increase of 200 euros, going from 749 euros to 949 euros. These price hikes may diminish the appeal of the Pixel line as a high-end option with a reasonable price tag, something that has contributed to the success of previous generations.

Moving on to the Pixel 8 Pro, the base model with 128 GB storage could see its price rise from 899 euros to 1,235 euros, an increase of 336 euros. This would place it in the same price range as competitors like the Galaxy S23 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro. The most expensive variant of the Pixel 8 Pro, with 512 GB of storage, could be priced at 1,461 euros according to reports.

While these prices align with those of other flagship smartphones on the market, it is noteworthy that Google has decided to increase the price year by year. The true accuracy of these leaks will be confirmed on October 4, when Google’s official event is scheduled to take place.

In conclusion, the leaks surrounding the upcoming Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones suggest higher prices in Europe compared to previous generations. While these price increases may be justified by significant improvements in the devices, it remains to be seen how consumers will respond. The official event in October will reveal all the details and unveil Google’s latest offerings.