Unveiling the SU7: A Closer Look with the Company’s CEO

Xiaomi Unveils New Electric Vehicle SU7

Xiaomi has just released a 31-second video of its upcoming electric vehicle, the SU7, showcasing its unique features and design. The Chinese company is directly challenging Tesla with the launch of this new model, which boasts an eye-catching design and surprising price point.

In the video, CEO Lei Jun provides a glimpse of the SU7’s interior and exterior, as well as its performance on the road. The electric vehicle, available in a premium variant for 47,000 euros and a basic model for 32,400 euros, comes with intriguing features such as an automatic rear spoiler and futuristic seat design.

From the automatic activation of various vehicle elements to the vehicle’s performance on different terrains, the video highlights the SU7’s capabilities and design elements. The electric car is set to enter mass production in February, with the first 2,000 units expected to roll out in March and 10,000 units per month by June.

With its well-thought-out design and competitive pricing, the Xiaomi SU7 is set to make a significant impact in the electric vehicle market and pose a strong challenge to established players like Tesla. It’s definitely a vehicle to watch out for in the coming months.