Vanna White discloses her preferred successor for her role on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Title: Vanna White Considers Potential Replacement as Pat Sajak Retires from “Wheel of Fortune”


In an unexpected turn of events, game show host Pat Sajak recently announced his retirement from the popular television program “Wheel of Fortune.” As the news of Sajak’s departure spreads, speculations about potential replacements for co-host Vanna White have gained traction. While White, who recently renewed her contract for two more years, is not retiring yet, she has already expressed her thoughts on who she believes would be the perfect replacement when the time comes. Let’s delve into Vanna White’s ideal replacement, her feelings about Sajak’s retirement, and her excitement for the future of “Wheel of Fortune.”

White’s Ideal Replacement:

Vanna White, a beloved figure on “Wheel of Fortune” for decades, has suggested her ideal replacement for when she decides to retire. White believes that Pat Sajak’s daughter, Maggie Sajak, would be the perfect fit to take over her role. Maggie, currently serving as the show’s social media correspondent, has grown up surrounded by the world of “Wheel of Fortune.” In an interview with E! News, White expressed her confidence in Maggie’s ability to fill her shoes, stating, “She’s been around it her whole life, so I think she can fill in for me for sure.” White further praised Maggie’s charm and skills, mentioning how she has learned a lot from her father, who is a skilled interviewer himself.

Sajak’s Retirement and White’s Emotional Response:

With Sajak’s announcement of retirement, Vanna White has been grappling with mixed emotions. Having spent 41 years working closely together, White admitted feeling sadness and described the news as bittersweet. In an interview with People Magazine, White expressed her profound connection with Sajak, stating, “He knows everything about me. I can tell when he’s walking up the stairs.” Though the thought of retiring alongside Sajak did cross her mind initially, White ultimately decided to stay on and continue her role on “Wheel of Fortune” for the time being.

White’s Outlook and Excitement for “Wheel of Fortune”:

Despite the upcoming changes, Vanna White remains optimistic about the future of “Wheel of Fortune.” She looks forward to working with Ryan Seacrest, who will be taking over as the new host, and believes he will bring his unique charm and professionalism to the show. Additionally, White expressed her excitement for the forthcoming season, during which they will celebrate Sajak’s achievements and bid him a memorable farewell. Reflecting on her role, White emphasized the importance of a show like “Wheel of Fortune” in bringing joy and a sense of family-friendly entertainment in a world filled with dramatic events.


As Pat Sajak prepares to retire from “Wheel of Fortune” after 41 years, the show’s co-host Vanna White has shared her thoughts on his departure and her potential replacement in the future. While White’s retirement is not imminent, she believes Pat Sajak’s daughter, Maggie Sajak, possesses the qualities necessary to succeed her when the time comes. White has decided to remain on the show for now and is eagerly anticipating working alongside Ryan Seacrest and celebrating the legacy of her long-time co-host. “Wheel of Fortune” continues to be a beloved program that brings families together for 30 minutes of pure entertainment in an increasingly tumultuous world.