Victory for Juan and Rosie?

In a surprising legal twist, the Los Angeles Court dismissed the lawsuit filed by the children of the famous singer Jenni Rivera. The lawsuit was filed against Cintas Acuario, the record label owned by her grandfather, Don Pedro Rivera. The legal battle led by Chiquis, Jacquie, Jenicka, Johnny, and Michael aimed to allege “misuse” of the iconic Diva de la Banda’s music.

However, the court ruled in favor of dismissing the lawsuit due to the “lack of evidence” presented by the plaintiffs. This legal setback marks another chapter in the complex family history of the Riveras, where tensions and disputes have been present. The children of Jenni Rivera, disappointed by the court’s decision, now face the challenge of deciding whether to appeal the judgment.

Juan and Rosie Rivera, on the other hand, will have until January 5 to formally respond to the dismissed lawsuit. The deadline adds an additional layer of suspense to this legal drama that has captured the attention of fans of regional Mexican music. Cintas Acuario’s defense has held from the start that the accusations lack foundation and that the company has always operated in accordance with the law.

The dismissal of the lawsuit reinforces the Rivera’s position, although the legal battle is not yet over. The news of the dismissal of the lawsuit has caused a stir in artistic circles and among the fans of the singer Jenni Rivera. It is a reminder of the complexities of family dynamics and legal decisions that can impact a legacy. The future of the Rivera family remains uncertain as they navigate these challenging legal and personal hurdles.