W.i.S.H.: The Indian girl group that aspires to conquer the world

The world has seen the rise of J-pop and K-pop, but could I-pop be next to take over the global charts?

That is the aspiration of the Indian girl group W.i.S.H. – acronym for World inka Stage Hai, or “the world is your stage.”

The quartet (Ri, Zo, Sim and Suchi) is said to be India’s first mainstream girl group in over 20 years.

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India has a strong history of female singers, with soloists like Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle and Shreya Ghoshal.

There’s also the hit duo Nooran Sisters, but girl bands haven’t taken off in the same way.

Zo tells BBC Asian Network W.i.S.H. We want to change that and rise to the top by spreading a positive message of sisterhood and female empowerment.

She describes her debut single, Lazeez (which means “delicious” or “tasty” in Urdu), as a song that “celebrates the modern woman and encourages self-love.”

“It’s very special to me, to all of us, in fact,” she says.

“We like to strengthen each other not only as artists but also as people. We are on this journey together and I am very grateful for that.”

Diljit Dosanjh is the latest example of an Indian star garnering global attention with performances at Coachella and collaborations with artists like Sia and Ed Sheeran.

And Zo believes that W.i.S.H. can help I-pop reach an international audience.

“We are ready to travel around the world and play our songs everywhere.”

Want. were created by music producer Mikey McCleary under Sony Music Entertainment, and Ri, who was the first cast member, has been overwhelmed by the positive feedback from fans.

“It hadn’t even been a day since our song was released and we already had tons of fan pages. And that’s when we realized how much India really wanted this and was waiting for it.

“If young girls see us and then decide to be pop stars, it’s amazing. You can do whatever you want. The world is your stage, it’s your oyster,” says Ri.

“You just have to believe in yourself.”