We should discuss everything that was and wasn’t addressed this week.

North American Air Defense Command’s (NORAD) Underground Bunker in Cheyenne Mountain

Welcome to Bunker Talk! This weekend, we have an open discussion post where we can chat about all the important matters that happened this week. Here, we can cover the things that were missed and also discuss anything else that interests you. In other words, it’s an off-topic thread where we can freely share our thoughts and opinions.

This week’s main photo captures the attention immediately. It showcases two colossal steel doors, each weighing an impressive 30 tons. These doors play a crucial role in sealing off NORAD’s underground combat operations center in the event of an attack. The photograph, taken on January 26, 1966, depicts the doors installed within 17-foot thick reinforced concrete barriers. These barriers are a part of the tunnel that leads to the defense command post inside Cheyenne Mountain, near Colorado Springs. The image gives us a glimpse into the impressive engineering and security measures that NORAD implemented.

Prime Directives!

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