Week of Rivals Rankings: Deciding the Top Spot for the Class of 2026

Title: Julian Lewis Named Top Prospect in the 2026 Class by National Analysts

Introduction (150 words):
The highly anticipated unveiling of the initial top 100 for the 2026 recruiting class is set to take place this week, leaving football enthusiasts eager to find out who will claim the coveted top spot. With a plethora of elite prospects on both sides of the ball, the competition is fierce. National analysts Clint Cosgrove, Adam Friedman, John Garcia Jr., Adam Gorney, and Cole Patterson have all weighed in on their choice for the top prospect in the 2026 class. Unanimously, they have named Julian Lewis, a talented 10th-grade quarterback from Carrollton, Georgia, as the standout player in this class due to his exceptional skills, leadership abilities, and future potential. Here’s what each analyst had to say about Lewis:

COSGROVE’S TAKE: Julian Lewis (200 words):
According to Clint Cosgrove, a top prospect in the 2026 class needs to possess exceptional skills and standout among his peers. Lewis, a quarterback from Carrollton, Ga., fits the bill perfectly. Cosgrove believes Lewis is the best player in his class, regardless of position. Lewis has been hailed as USC’s quarterback of the future due to his impressive arm talent, accuracy, field vision, and on-field production. Although he faces competition from other players like Jahkeem Stewart, Jackson Cantwell, and Chris Henry Jr., Cosgrove firmly stands by Lewis as the number one prospect for the 2026 class.

FRIEDMAN’S TAKE: Julian Lewis (150 words):
Adam Friedman believes that the value of the quarterback position cannot be understated when selecting the top player in the 2026 class. He acknowledges that defensive lineman Jahkeem Stewart is an outstanding talent, but ultimately chooses Lewis due to his potential impact as an instant impact quarterback at the collegiate level. As a USC commit, Lewis has all the necessary tools to succeed and still has time to further develop physically. His ability to lead and excel on the field sets him apart from his peers.

GARCIA’S TAKE: Julian Lewis (200 words):
John Garcia Jr. emphasizes the importance of the intangibles when ranking prospects. He recognizes Lewis as an exceptional talent who possesses leadership qualities, maturity, and football intelligence. Garcia highlights Lewis’ success on the field and praises his polished resume as a 10th-grade quarterback. His skills, combined with his mental acuity and ability to execute plays, make him an excellent candidate for the top spot. Garcia goes as far as saying it would be “shocking” if Lewis doesn’t become the face of his college program in the future.

GORNEY’S TAKE: Julian Lewis (150 words):
Adam Gorney keeps it concise and straightforward, stating that Lewis is the obvious choice for the number one prospect in the 2026 class. Gorney believes Lewis’s upside and the historical precedence of quarterbacks being drafted first overall in the NFL make him the most sensible pick. While he acknowledges the talent of other players like Jahkeem Stewart, Gorney reiterates that Lewis stands head and shoulders above his peers in this class.

PATTERSON’S TAKE: Julian Lewis (150 words):
Cole Patterson echoes the sentiments shared by his fellow analysts, affirming that Lewis deserves the top spot in the initial 2026 rankings. He highlights Lewis’s maturity and composure on the field, pointing out that he thrives in pressure situations. With offers from almost every major program nationally and a commitment to USC, Patterson envisions Lewis continuing his upward trajectory under the guidance of renowned coach Lincoln Riley. As a poised signal-caller, Lewis has already established himself as one of the best in the nation, solidifying his claim as the superior prospect in the 2026 class.

Conclusion (100 words):
As the 2026 recruiting class’s initial top 100 rankings are set to be unveiled, Julian Lewis emerges as the consensus choice for the top prospect among national analysts. Known for his exceptional skills, leadership qualities, and football intelligence, Lewis has established himself as a standout quarterback on the national stage. With scouts praising his arm talent, accuracy, and field vision, it is not surprising that he is regarded as one of the best players in the class of 2026. Despite facing competition from other talented prospects, Lewis’s potential to dominate the game and become the face of a college program has solidified his claim to the top spot.

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