Week of Rivals Rankings: Determining the Top Spot for the 2025 Rivals250

Preseason Update to 2025 Rivals250 Reveals Top Prospects in High School Football

After a summer filled with major events and extensive evaluations, the preseason update to the 2025 Rivals250 is set to be unveiled this week. The Rivals250 ranks the top high school football prospects in the country, and this update will provide an insight into the most promising players heading into the new season.

Elijah Griffin, a standout defensive lineman, currently holds the top spot in the rankings, but there are several challengers vying for that prestigious position. The Rivals national analyst team, consisting of Clint Cosgrove, Adam Friedman, John Garcia Jr., Adam Gorney, and Cole Patterson, will give their opinions on who they believe should be the top prospect in the Rivals250.


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As anticipation builds for the release of the updated rankings, let’s take a closer look at what the analysts have to say about some of the potential top prospects.

COSGROVE’S TAKE: Bryce Underwood

Clint Cosgrove, one of the national analysts, believes that Bryce Underwood should be the No. 1 prospect in the Rivals250. Underwood, a quarterback, possesses all the necessary attributes to excel in the position. With his prototypical frame, arm talent, and exceptional athleticism, Underwood has consistently demonstrated his ability to win games. As a two-time All-American, he has led his team, Belleville High School in Michigan, to consecutive state championships. Underwood’s performance in the 2023 season opener showcased his skills as he threw a beautiful game-winning touchdown pass with only 28 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. With college powerhouses like Michigan, Michigan State, and LSU vying for his commitment, Underwood is seen as having generational potential.

FRIEDMAN’S TAKE: David Sanders Jr.

Adam Friedman, another national analyst, believes that David Sanders Jr., a talented left tackle, has a strong case for the No. 1 spot in the Rivals250. At 6-foot-6 and 265 pounds, Sanders possesses the physical traits that college coaches look for in an offensive lineman. If he continues to develop at his current rate, he could become one of the top picks in the NFL Draft. The debate over position value will play a significant role in determining who should occupy the top spot. Although Sanders may not currently be deserving of the top position, Friedman believes that he has the potential to claim it in the future. Only time will tell if Sanders will live up to his immense promise.

GARCIA’S TAKE: Elijah Griffin

John Garcia Jr., a national analyst, sees Elijah Griffin as the standout candidate for the No. 1 spot. Griffin, a massive prospect, impresses with his skills as a defensive lineman. He possesses the size and strength necessary to dominate and control the line of scrimmage. Despite his already impressive resume as an underclassman, Griffin has displayed even more potential in his junior year. His added weight and power make him a force on early downs, further establishing him as a formidable recruit. Griffin’s performance and potential have earned him the benefit of the doubt to retain his position atop the rankings.

GORNEY’S TAKE: David Sanders Jr.

Adam Gorney, a member of the national analyst team, argues that David Sanders Jr. should be the No. 1 prospect in the Rivals250. Gorney acknowledges that historical trends in the NFL Draft favor quarterbacks, suggesting that Underwood could make a case for the top spot. However, Gorney highlights Sanders’ exceptional talent and elite athleticism as reasons he may deserve the No. 1 ranking. As a five-star offensive tackle from Providence Day School in Charlotte, North Carolina, Sanders has yet to reach his physical peak, indicating he still has room to grow and improve.

PATTERSON’S TAKE: Bryce Underwood

Cole Patterson, the final member of the national analyst team, supports the nomination of Bryce Underwood as the No. 1 prospect in the Rivals250. Patterson emphasizes the significance of the quarterback position, as historical NFL Draft trends often prioritize quarterbacks as the top picks. Underwood’s dynamic playmaking ability, combined with his arm talent and mobility, make him a highly sought-after prospect. Underwood’s impressive statistics – a 65 percent completion rate, 37 touchdown passes, and over 600 yards rushing with eight touchdowns as a sophomore – showcase his ability to make big plays on the field. LSU and Michigan are just a few of the major programs vying for his commitment.

With multiple strong contenders for the No. 1 spot in the 2025 Rivals250, the preseason update promises to shed light on the most promising high school football prospects heading into the new season. As anticipation mounts, fans and college football enthusiasts eagerly await the release of the updated rankings.