Weekly Tech Recap Jio’s New Year Plan, Tesla Robot Incident, and More

Amidst a week packed with pivotal advancements, legal disputes took center stage as The New York Times (NYT) filed a lawsuit against Microsoft and OpenAI, alleging their unauthorized utilization of NYT’s content to build artificial intelligence models, specifically ChatGPT and Copilot.

Simultaneously, on the innovation front, Reliance Jio and the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay unveiled the ‘Bharat GPT‘ initiative, aiming to harness the potential of large language models for revolutionary applications within India. Additionally, Jio introduced its Happy New Year 2024 prepaid plan, while Apple overcame a temporary ban on two high-end Apple Watch models due to a patent dispute.

Here’s a rundown of the week’s significant events in the tech world:

Legal Battle: NYT vs. Microsoft and OpenAI The New York Times initiated legal action against Microsoft and OpenAI, accusing them of copyright infringement by utilizing millions of NYT articles without permission to develop AI models, including ChatGPT and Copilot. The lawsuit contends that these models create content mirroring NYT’s style, directly competing with the publication and undermining its reader relations. NYT seeks “billions of dollars” for the unauthorized content use, alleging that Microsoft and OpenAI sought a “free ride” on the substantial journalism investment.

Bharat GPT Program Reliance Jio and IIT-Bombay announced the ‘Bharat GPT’ initiative, aiming to leverage large language models and generative AI to foster innovation across diverse Indian sectors. Akash Ambani, Reliance Jio’s chairman, highlighted AI’s transformative potential in the next decade, emphasizing ongoing efforts to integrate AI horizontally across all sectors. This collaboration, part of Jio’s broader vision ‘Jio 2.0,’ signifies a commitment to technological advancement and creating a comprehensive development ecosystem.

Jio’s New Year Plan and TV Operating System Continuing its tradition, Reliance Jio launched the Happy New Year 2024 prepaid plan at ₹2,999, offering extended validity, 912.5GB data, unlimited voice calls, and complimentary subscriptions to Jio apps. Additionally, Akash Ambani disclosed Jio’s intentions to develop an in-house operating system for televisions, focusing on enhancing user experiences and bolstering the company’s service ecosystem.

Apple Watch Patent Dispute Resolution Following a federal court’s temporary lift of an International Trade Commission-imposed sales halt due to a patent dispute with medical tech firm Masimo, Apple’s high-end Apple Watch models, Series 9 and Ultra 2, can recommence sales. Apple complied with the ITC ruling, temporarily halting online sales before Christmas. The court’s decision permits sales pending further consideration of Apple’s appeal, highlighting challenges as Apple expands its watches into health management devices.

Tesla Robot Incident Raises Safety Concerns Reports emerged about a Tesla robot incident at the company’s Austin, Texas factory two years ago, involving a malfunctioning robot intended for transporting car parts that allegedly trapped a software engineer, resulting in severe injuries. This incident underscores potential safety compromises in pursuit of rapid production and raises questions about safety measures in automated environments.

NPCI Directive on Inactive UPI IDs The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) issued a directive instructing payment applications to deactivate UPI IDs inactive for over a year by December 31, 2023. This measure aims to prevent accidental fund transfers when users switch mobile numbers without updating their banking information. UPI application users are urged to verify their UPI IDs and associated phone numbers to prevent deactivation and the need for re-registration.