Wells Adams Reflects on the Aftermath of the Bachelor in Paradise Truth Box ‘Honesty is Key’

In the whirlwind of Bachelor in Paradise, where drama is as common as the sunsets, bartender and de facto therapist Wells Adams shares his candid thoughts on the chaos stirred up by the Truth Box.

Every week, Wells Adams delves into the latest absurdities unfolding on the beach. In this email conversation, he discusses Sam’s unexpected departure, the repercussions following the Paradise Truth Box revelation, and the playful antics of the mischievous, shoe-stealing dog, Coco.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Poor Sam had to leave due to her poop issues, and Jesse Palmer reported that there was still “no movement” by the night of the rose ceremony. PLEASE tell me you have an update on her GI health.

WELLS ADAMS: I know, I feel so bad for Sam! People have left Paradise for various reasons before, but this one takes the cake. Did Sam find relief? Well, I know, but I can’t spill the beans. My lips are sealed… well, you get the idea. Better keep watching!

This week, we met Coco the dog. Can you share more about this mischievous Paradise mascot?

Coco belongs to the resort’s owner, Diego. That dog practically rules the beach, both figuratively and literally!

Peter took a risk by expressing his preference for Olivia not to go on the date, and Aaron did the same with Eliza — but the women went anyway. Do you still think it was better for Peter and Aaron to be honest rather than giving the standard “I don’t want to stop you from getting to know people” answer?

My advice to the beachgoers is always to be honest. If you don’t want someone to go on a date, say it outright! Trying to play it cool often comes off as disinterest. As for the ladies, it’s still early in the season, and curiosity is natural. Plus, those dates are tempting; it’s tough to decline them.

Do you think Eliza would have turned down the date with John B. if she knew Aaron compared her to the fig jam on his charcuterie board?

Who could forget such romantic quotes as:

“Doubt thou stars do are fire; Doubt thou the sun doth move; Doubt truth be a liar; but never doubt love.” — Shakespeare “The love you take is equal to the love you make.” — The Beatles “You remind me of a semisolid liquid boiled to a thick consistency.” — Aaron B. Swoon!

The mere presence of the Paradise Truth Box stirred things up: Sean made a move on Jess, and Brayden made a move on Rachel. Why do you think the Truth Box caused such excitement?

I believe the Truth Box lived up to its name — it was time for everyone to be truthful with those they cared about, and most importantly, with themselves. If they didn’t confess, someone else would.

Things got even more chaotic once Aaron S. opened the Truth Box and read all the comments about Kat. What do you make of Kat’s (very loud) reaction?

What I appreciate about Kat is her honesty. She doesn’t hold back, making sure everyone in Sayulita knows exactly how she feels!

In the world of Paradise, honesty remains the golden rule, even amidst the chaos. Wells Adams continues to navigate the romantic turbulence, reminding everyone that being truthful is the key to finding genuine connections on the sun-soaked beaches of Bachelor in Paradise.