What did Adamari López say in her message to Fonsi?

In recent days, there has been controversy surrounding the new song by Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Luis Fonsi. It was speculated that his song “Pasa la página” was directed towards none other than Adamari López. The question arose: does Fonsi want her to forget Toni Costa? Now, the TV host has shared a video on her Instagram account that has sparked a lot of discussion. Is Adamari sending indirect messages implying that the song is about her? Did she write the song herself?

Luis Fonsi released his new song and the public is convinced that it is filled with indirect messages directed at his ex-wife, Adamari López. The lyrics of “Pasa la página” include lines such as, “You are not the victim. To be loved, you don’t need to elicit pity. Move on. Keep living. You’re living out a story that has already ended.” These lines are just a part of the song, but they have generated many speculations about who the song is intended for. Does Fonsi want Adamari to move on from Toni Costa?

It is no secret that Adamari López and Toni Costa have maintained a relationship even after their breakup. They both share a daughter, and they strive to have a good, friendly relationship for her sake. However, many people believe that Adamari sends indirect messages to the Spanish dancer on her social media platforms. Adamari has been the subject of much discussion due to the videos she shares on her official Instagram account.

The Puerto Rican TV host and actress recently shared a Reel on Instagram that has sparked a lot of conversation among her followers. They believe it is a response to everything that has been said about her and Fonsi’s new song. In the unexpected video, Adamari says, “Stop telling me what I should or shouldn’t do. I don’t pay attention.” The video has garnered nearly 300 thousand views and over 15 thousand reactions.

Many of her followers related her message to Fonsi’s new song. Although Adamari has made it clear on several occasions that what she shares on social media is not directed towards anyone, they believe otherwise. They claim that she constantly sends indirect messages to her ex, Toni Costa, and his girlfriend. The comments on Adamari’s video poured in, some of them lighthearted. “This is a response to Luis Fonsi,” or “Is she being any more direct to Luis Fonsi?” were some of the comments she received. Others wrote, “I think Mr. Fonsi actually enjoys being reminded of Adamari, as I believe he knows she loved him deeply.” Another comment read, “We’re grown-ups now, we shouldn’t pay attention to people who love to meddle in other people’s business. You just keep living your life.”

Fonsi, however, clarified the rumors surrounding the song. He described it as a light-hearted song that can be dedicated to anyone. We all know someone who has gone through a similar situation where their mind or heart won’t let them move on from a past relationship. Fourteen years after their highly publicized separation, the former couple made headlines again with “Pasa la página.” Fonsi stated, “This song is not directed at them. I don’t like it when people have opinions about my life, especially when it’s such a delicate matter. I learned early on not to have an opinion about anyone’s life because I’m not in a position to do so.”

Despite Fonsi’s clarification that the song is not about his ex-wife, many still believe that it is.