What is the true story behind the rumored retirement of Sergio Pérez in F1?

Title: Sergio Pérez Denies Retirement Rumors as Red Bull Questions Performance

Subtitle: Pérez’s Struggles in the 2023 F1 Season Raise Concerns for Red Bull


In the world of Formula 1, rumors can spread like wildfire, and yesterday was no exception. Speculation began circulating that Sergio Pérez, the talented Mexican driver for Red Bull Racing, would announce his retirement at the Mexican Grand Prix. However, both Pérez and Red Bull quickly denied these rumors, emphasizing their commitment to continue together. Despite the denials, Pérez’s underperformance has raised questions within the team about the reasons behind his struggles. This article will delve into the denial, Pérez’s recent decline in performance, and the concerns within Red Bull regarding his future with the team.

Pérez Denies Retirement Rumors:

Following rumors spread by Sports Illustrated, Pérez confronted the media and reaffirmed his dedication to the sport. He dismissed the retirement speculation, pointing out that he has a valid contract for the upcoming season and expressing his motivation to continue racing. Pérez declared his intention to stay in Formula 1 for at least another 3 or 4 years, believing he still has a significant contribution to make. The initial rumors were attributed to an individual connected to Telmex, one of Pérez’s primary sponsors.

Pérez’s Performance Decline:

The retirement rumors have emerged amid a noticeable drop in Pérez’s performance. The six-time Grand Prix winner has struggled to match the pace of his teammate, Max Verstappen, during the second half of the 2023 season. Remarkably, Pérez has scored similar points in the past 12 races compared to the first six races of the season. It is evident that he has been grappling with the development of Red Bull’s 2023 F1 car. Pérez recently acknowledged his performance gap, admitting that he felt like the car had become challenging to handle. This struggle has led to a constant search for balance and commitment on his part.

Red Bull’s Expectations and Concerns:

In the highly competitive world of Red Bull Racing, performance is paramount. Both Pérez’s struggles and his comparatively lenient treatment raise questions within the team. In the past, drivers within the Red Bull program have been swiftly replaced if they fail to meet expectations. Pierre Gasly, for example, was given only half a season before being traded for Alex Albon. Albon, too, faced challenges with Red Bull’s demanding driving style and was replaced by Pérez after just one full season. However, Pérez, being an outsider to Red Bull’s junior program, likely has a unique contractual agreement that provides some protection from being replaced.

Pérez’s Future with Red Bull:

For now, Pérez’s position within Red Bull seems secure. However, in the rapidly changing landscape of Formula 1, nothing is certain. If Pérez fails to rediscover his form and continue to perform below expectations, the retirement rumors might eventually become a reality. Red Bull is known for making tough decisions to maintain their competitiveness in the sport.


Sergio Pérez’s retirement rumors have been swiftly denied by both the driver himself and Red Bull Racing. However, his recent struggles on the track have led to concerns within the team. Pérez’s underperformance and difficulties with Red Bull’s car development have raised questions regarding his future with the team. In a sport where performance is everything, Pérez’s results will determine whether these rumors merely remain speculations or eventually become reality.