What’s Next After Leaving Univision?

Carla Medrano Announces Project and Reveals New Plans

Carla Medrano, former Univisión host, has announced that she is embarking on a new phase in her life and has shared her plans for the future. After bidding farewell to the television network, the Honduran journalist expressed her enthusiasm for the podcast she has prepared. In the first episode of her podcast, titled “Carla Medrano,” she was joined by Emma Coronel and Mariel Colón. But before we continue, we invite you to listen to Sargento El Podcast by clicking here.

Following her departure from Univisión, Carla Medrano has unveiled a new project in which she debuts as the host of a self-created podcast. She took to social media to talk about this venture and explained the situations that arose during the recording of her first episode. “I am very excited. I am going to host a daily podcast for subscriptions. I am thrilled, great things are coming,” declared the host. The Honduran presenter did not hesitate to highlight that she is ready for this new phase in her life and the array of new projects that await.

Did any problems arise? Photo: Instagram @Carlamedranoo

In the first episode, Medrano showcased her friendship with Emma Coronel and Mariel Colón, remarking that the situation did not unfold as expected. “But in the second episode, which is released today, I explain why we had to record there, because that is what happened,” said Carla Medrano in her clip. Furthermore, she revealed that she is in the process of setting up a larger and more comfortable studio for her guests. “That’s not my studio; I’m in the process of buying equipment to create a cool studio. I’m shopping around,” stated the Hispanic host.

Why were there complaints? Photo: Instagram @Carlamedranoo

In response to complaints from her followers about the first episode of the podcast, Medrano clarified why the decoration and the office chairs drew criticism. “For all those who criticized me because the studio looked bad, and the chairs were horrible,” said the host on Instagram. She also addressed the complaints regarding the lack of organization and the office chairs that were observed. “Well, for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, many said, ‘Well, those chairs were totally out of place.’ I know,” emphasized the host.

“I am very happy” Photo: Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

Likewise, the Hispanic host expressed her joy at being able to embark on this new podcast and, above all, to explain everything that transpired. “I send you greetings, kisses, hugs; I am very happy. Listen to the second episode, and I will explain what’s happening,” concluded the host. She also sent a message of love to her fans, who have continued to support her during this new chapter after her departure from Univisión. “And, I love you all so much, blessings,” she added in the video she shared on social media, prompting a warm response from her followers.

“I’m glad you didn’t give up” Photo: Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

After clarifying the situation at Univisión, Medrano’s fans expressed their joy and excitement for her new projects. “I’m glad you didn’t give up, and remember, if you lose a job, crack open a beer, Carlita, and keep moving forward,” one fan commented on social media. They also noted that this is one of the best phases of Carla Medrano’s life, as she is shining brightly due to her newfound “freedom.” “You shine brightly, free like the wind. Always shine and let no one extinguish that spark,” wrote social media users in response to the presenter’s experience.

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