White House aides express concerns over Biden’s mental stress regarding Hunter trial, per The Gateway Pundit report.

President Joe Biden and his administration are allegedly experiencing concerns over the impending trial of his son, Hunter Biden, as reported by the liberal outlet Politico. The trial, set to commence on June 3, involves felony gun charges against Hunter Biden, brought forth by the Justice Department under special counsel David Weiss. The White House, while maintaining that they will not interfere in the legal proceedings, is purportedly troubled by the potential psychological toll the trial could take on the President.

According to Politico, three unnamed advisors divulged worries regarding the impact of Hunter Biden’s trial on President Biden, both emotionally and politically. The advisors claim that the President is preoccupied with concerns about his son’s potential incarceration, with one advisor revealing, “He worries about Hunter every single day, from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep. That will only pick up during a trial.”

The situation has sparked a range of reactions on social media platforms, with some expressing skepticism and criticism towards the reported concerns. Twitter users such as Tom Bevan and Stephen L. Miller highlighted the age of Hunter Biden, emphasizing that he is a 50-year-old man responsible for his actions. Others, like Greg Schwartz and Brother Seamus, speculated on potential revelations that could arise during the trial.

The juxtaposition of the media’s coverage of the Biden family’s trials versus that of former President Donald Trump’s family has led to accusations of bias and partisan propaganda. Critics argue that a similar level of empathy and concern would not have been extended to the Trump family under similar circumstances.

Overall, the Politico report sheds light on the internal anxieties within the Biden administration surrounding Hunter Biden’s trial and its potential repercussions on President Biden. The trial is poised to be a significant event in American political history, with implications that could resonate beyond the confines of the courtroom. As the trial date approaches, the spotlight remains on the Biden family and the broader implications of the legal proceedings on the presidency.