White House Cancels Annual Ramadan Dinner Due to Muslim Attendance Boycott

The White House Cancels Annual Ramadan Celebration Amid Muslim Boycott Over Biden’s Support for Israel

The White House has made the decision to cancel its annual Ramadan celebration after Muslim leaders refused to attend an event with President Joe Biden. According to CBS News, this year’s Ramadan celebrations at the White House were significantly scaled down compared to previous years, with only a handful of administration officials in attendance.

Last year, the White House held a successful Iftar dinner with hundreds of Muslims in attendance. However, this year, many Muslim Americans chose to boycott the event due to their outrage over President Biden’s support for Israel’s siege of Gaza. The backlash was so significant that the White House decided to hold a smaller iftar dinner on Tuesday evening, with only administration officials present.

One attendee from last year’s event, Alzayat, declined an invitation to break his fast with President Biden this year, stating that it was inappropriate to celebrate while a famine was ongoing in Gaza. After rejections from Alzayat and other community leaders, the White House adjusted its plans and instead held a meeting focused on administration policy. However, Alzayat still declined, believing that one day was not enough time to prepare to sway President Biden’s mind on the conflict.

The boycott by America’s Muslim communities reflects their growing anger over President Biden’s perceived lukewarm support for Israel’s actions against Hamas. While many American Muslims tend to vote Democrat, the issue of Israel-Palestine is of paramount importance to them. This sentiment was evident in this year’s Michigan Democratic Primary, where about 15 percent of voters went against the current president.

In response to the boycott, the White House has maintained that President Biden is working tirelessly to secure an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, even though there are currently no signs of one. A statement from the White House emphasized President Biden’s commitment to ending the conflict and increasing humanitarian aid to Gaza.

“[Joe Biden and Kamala Harris] know this is a deeply painful moment for many in the Muslim and Arab communities,” the statement read. “President Biden made clear that he mourns the loss of every innocent life in this conflict. The president also expressed his commitment to continue working to secure an immediate ceasefire as part of a deal to free the hostages and significantly increase humanitarian aid into Gaza.”

The cancellation of the White House’s annual Ramadan celebration highlights the ongoing tensions surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict and the challenges President Biden faces in balancing the interests of various communities. As the situation continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how the administration will address the concerns of America’s Muslim communities and work towards a resolution in Gaza.