Why You Should Consider Looking for an Alternative Messaging App

Last weekend, the popular messaging app Telegram faced the threat of being blocked in Spain after a court order was issued. However, in a surprising turn of events, the judge has now suspended the blocking of Telegram, at least for the time being. The decision was made due to the judge’s request for a police report on Telegram, which will provide information on the service and how a block could impact its users.

The initial lawsuit that led to the potential blocking of Telegram was brought by Movistar Plus and EGEDA, accusing the app of hosting pirated content and violating intellectual property rights. Judge Santiago Pedraz had ordered a precautionary blocking while further investigations were carried out. This block was set to last for at least six months, with the possibility of extension.

Although the suspension of the blocking is a relief for many Telegram users in Spain, the app is not completely out of danger yet. The judge’s decision to delay the block until more information is obtained means that the situation could change in the future. Therefore, users are advised to explore alternative messaging apps and consider making copies of their Telegram chats and contacts as a precaution.

Ultimately, the fate of Telegram in Spain remains uncertain, pending the judge’s review of the police report and consideration of the impact of a potential block on users’ freedom of expression. In the meantime, users are encouraged to be prepared for any changes by diversifying their communication platforms.