William Levy Faces Criticism for Speaking in English

William Levy, a recognized actor and now also a dedicated father, has taken on a new role as the best driving instructor for his daughter Kailey. With patience and dedication, Levy has imparted valuable lessons to Kailey, who, as she ventures behind the wheel, demonstrates promising skills.

William Levy wanted to share that great moment between father and daughter, but he never imagined that his followers would discover a ‘detail’ in the video he shared on Instagram. The comments from his followers highlight congratulations for the beloved actor for taking the time to spend these moments with his daughter.

However, not everything was happiness, as they received several criticisms because throughout the video they only spoke in English and not in Spanish. William Levy’s followers and his daughter began to leave strong comments for choosing to speak in another language.

Some users tried to defend him as the actor lives in the USA with his family, according to his followers, he should speak more in his native language. Despite the criticism, the bond between William Levy and his daughter during the driving lesson remains a heartwarming father-daughter moment. The actor’s dedication to teaching his daughter valuable skills is inspiring, demonstrating his commitment to being a loving and involved parent.